Spread your wings and fly.

Feel the joy as you kiss the sky.

The land opens under your view.

From dragon's gaze the land was drew.

You fly much faster than wolves run.

And you are warmed by the early sun.

Yet predator by night you surely are.

As your gaze sees visions from afar.

The waking moon shows your true form.

You are beautiful yet so forlorn.

You feel the twisted twines of fate.

Do you use your wisdom before it's too late?

Will you steal all the king's treasured gold?

You'll lose heaven and your dragon soul.

use your magic for your own gain.

Or help stop the human race's pain.

Your dragon honor will uphold.

It shows the path to being bold.

Nest in the high snowcapped peaks.

Look for the den that you seek.

You helped shape the earth's bones.

And made the rivers to call your own.

You are a dragon, forever immortal one.

And we thank you for all that you've done.