Some thoughts:

This world is absurd.

Does it matter if you missed your TV show? Does it matter that you didn't get what you wanted, did you really need it? Does it matter that this one is more beautiful than another? Does it matter who those people are? Does it matter that they do things that way rather than another? Does it matter that everyone does things one way and not another? Does it matter that you missed this or that other thing? Does it matter that someone else does not think like yourself? What is a world without diversity of opinions? Does it matter that you have to do this rather than the other thing? Does it matter that someone else has a different point of view? Why do you feel attacked and offended when they express it? Do the intimate doings of other's lives concern you? Do they matter? Does it matter what a certain person did, if it is within your reality bounds? Does it really matter that much? Does it matter what someone else thinks of you? Does it matter that this person is better at this thing than someone else? Does it really matter? Do all these little routine things matter? Did it matter when this one said that thing? What did it do? Does love mean something at 16? Does it make sense? Does it matter how fast your car can go? Does it matter if we visit the stars? It cost the US alone 16.2 billion dollars this year to further space exploration. I believe we have more important things to do.

This world is absurd.

Does it matter that we are spending over 30 million US$ worldwide on space exploration when we need money right here, right now? Humanity needs it. "Extra-terrestrials" can wait. Does it matter that 6% of the world's population controls 59% of the world's wealth? Does it matter that those 6% all come from the US? Does it matter that 70% of humans cannot read? Does it matter that half the world suffers from malnutrition? Does it matter that only 1% of humanity has a college education? Does it matter that only 1% of humanity owns a computer? Does it matter that one million people will die this week? Does it matter that if you have never experienced the danger of battle, the loneliness of imprisonment, the agony of torture, or the pangs of starvation, you are ahead of 500 million people in the world? Does it matter that if you can freely express yourself without fear, you are luckier than three billion people? Does it matter that the divorce and suicide rates are skyrocketing in the richest countries in the world? Does it matter that most "civilized" countries are leaving the third world countries in the hands of brutal dictators and in a state of absolute poverty? Does it matter that our entire economic system, which rules our very lives, is governed by the one and only motive: to make profits? Does it matter that we are tearing our environment to pieces, when solutions are easy and strong?

These things matter, our world is absurd and you must rise up and cry out at the ignorance of the leaders. I challenge you to step up and start doing something. Get out of your daily "whatevers" and step back to see if they are essential. Do not judge others and let your mind go free. Be optimistic yet firm. Be happy, yet serious. Excel and criticize. Be a catalyst. The world must be transformed, priorities shifted.

"Such transformation, as amply evidenced by decades of contentious history, cannot be achieved through political passion, the conflict of vested interests, or technical recipes. What is called for is a spiritual revival, as a prerequisite to the successful application of political, economic and technological instruments. But there is a need for a catalyst. Be assured that, in spite of your small numbers, you are the channels through which such a catalyst can be provided.

Be not dismayed if your endeavours are dismissed as utopian by the voices that would oppose any suggestion of fundamental change. Trust in the capacity of this generation to disentangle itself from the embroilments of a divided world. To discharge your responsibilities, you will have to show forth courage, the courage of those who cling to standards of rectitude, who champion the cause of justice, whose lives are characterized by purity of thought and action, and whose purpose is directed by love and indomitable faith."

-The Universal House of Justice, 2000 July 20, To Vancouver Youth Congress