Why Not Me? You were the only one who understood My obsessions…my dreams…my fears…

You were like me…

And straight…too

You made me feel normal again… You became gay

Asked me if I'd "hate you forever"

I don't hate you for being who you are

I hate where it leaves me…

I hate having to wonder…alone Why is this happening?

            You don't want to be "with" a guy

                        And you dreamt about girls

                                    So that makes you gay…

Please help me…

How can this happen?

            I'm afraid of being with a guy

                        And I dream about girls

                                    But I'm straight…

And I'm terrified

This can't be me!

            Everyone is going through the phase

                        So many girls becoming bi

                                    To find out

But I can't "find out"

I'm not bi…

            I didn't even think you could be

                        But everyone else seems to be

                                    Everyone but me


So, why not me?

            I can't bear all that shame

                        Is this even what I truly want?


But I do…not… Take that back

            I want to fall in love

                        Not in lust, not in vain

                                    With someone who loves me

If I can't deal with guys

And I can't be with a girl

            Do I have to be nothing?

                        I'm afraid of both

                                    Afraid of myself…my feelings

But I need someone there

Please help me.