If I Could Pray With You

Since the day Elsie witnessed you

And showed you God's love

You've seen the great things He can do

And looked for answers above

Since the day I read my first book

And learned about Wicca, and Spirit

My equal love for God, you took

For a mindless phase lacking merit

When I finally became a Pagan

It showed me the Lord and Lady's love

And I focused my life within

And around, below and above

But I wanted so badly to find another

Someone else who believed

We could pray with one another

Creating rites we never conceived

And I met the other "Witches"

Angry kids following a mindless fad

They think clunky jewelry enriches

Our faith, which is honestly sad

If only I could pray with you

We could help each other talk to Spirit

And know sides of God we never knew

But if I asked, you'd never hear it

But I'll always be the way I am

And you'll always be who you are

If you didn't see my faith as a scam

We could take our lives so far

We could learn from each other

And you could still be Christian

Spirit can be a Father or Mother

And I could still be Wiccan

But I know you'll never pray with me

Because you think I'm wrong

And you think we'll only disagree

You think I don't belong

I wish I could pray with you

Because you know God as well

You don't realize that I do too

We're alike in ways no one can tell

If 121 wasn't for Christians only

I would join and pray with you

And non-Christians wouldn't be lonely

Seeing God differently than you do

Just consider what I've said

Won't you please pray with me?

Even if it were something you'd dread

Could you try it, nondenominationally?

For me?