This is a poem about connecting with a singer through his/her lyrics. I'm still kinda drugged up on pain meds, so it may only make sense to me.


Lyrical Perfection

There's a place I go,

When I turn on the radio.

You're waiting for me there,

As your voice drifts through the air.

One of those happy joyous places,

Crimson passion, my heartbeat races.

A never-ending pleasureful journey,

I'm yours forever; eternally.

We can awaken to each other's kiss,

Explore the destinations we missed.

End the day with a passionate embrace,

Here, there's no need for haste.

We connected through your lyrical perfection,

Your words point us in the right direction.

I want to hear your voice drifting me to sleep,

One more pleasure that I'd gladly reap.

But, oh, no, no, I have to go,

Your voice no longer on my radio.

My mind impatient for that sensation,

I guess I'll have to change the station.