Bloody Purgatory
I'm bleeding,
It's running down my body,
It's warm and thick... and painful.
Here I stand in purgatory,
This is my purgatory.
It drenches my hollow soul in blood,
Boiling blood.
My blood.
Every drop is my payment,
Every scream is an offering.
The wind stings me,
Vengefully ripping my skin,
Mutilating me.
This is my sacrifice,
What I receive for my sins.
It washes away the stains.
Is this truly to be my redemption?
Or is it just meaningless torture?
I do not know.
So here I stand,
Bleeding out my sins,
In suicidal spirit,
Letting the blood run down,
Pooling at my feet,
Cleansing my hateful soul.
This is my bloody purgatory ...