I, Lilly, am about to tell you the story that changed my life.

Walking home from school I spotted two children playing in a park. I stop to watch them. Oh how I wished to have an imagination. Running around, dancing in the sun light, golden highlights dancing in my hair like a halo.

"Lilly what are you doing?"

Snapping out of my dream world my brother was walking by. His name is Daniel with flaming red hair. Living with a twin brother can be painful. I love him to death but what a hyperactive child. Someone keeps feeding him far too much chocolate.

He motions for me to walk with him. Taking one last longing look at the children eating a snack, I silently wander over to his side.

Daniel is a foot taller than me. Staring up at him longing for his height as well as to be young. I don't hate myself. I would just like to change some things. He sees me looking at him at glares at me like I'm weird. I look away. I grab the straps of my bag and do them tighter but they are tight enough already. My brother and I communicate quite a bit but this time we were at a loss of words. We turned down our street. Daniel asked again,

"What were you doing back there?"

"Nothing," I replied not meeting his eyes. He looked away. I guessed he rolled his eyes because his head rolled with them. I walked in the door on my house. It is an old house. It is not falling apart or anything but it looks older than the new subdivision on my street.

"We're home!" I yelled.

"Oh good!" my mother replies. "Then you can do the dishes!"

Daniel and I moaned. I take off my shoes, backpack, and jacket. I pick up my backpack and saunter through the kitchen, down the hall and into my bedroom. I throw my backpack on my bed and kicking some clothes out of the way of my feet. Closing the door I amble back into the kitchen. Thank goodness there were only a few dishes. I turned the tap on hot and let it run for a bit. I added soap and lathered the water. Bubbles were everywhere. I guess I added too much.

When I was finished I looked around for something to do. Staring at the kitchen for awhile I turn to go downstairs. I soon realize there is nothing to do downstairs. Daniel is probably occupying the computer. So as usual, I go on the upstairs computer. We have three computers. My mother owns two and my brother owns one. I am only able to use one. The one in the living room. Every night I have the same routine. Go to my computer, eat, watch tv, and read until late at night. Sleep. Same routine tonight.

* * * *

"Hey Lilly. Yo te quiero,"

Last period of the day. I am sitting in my desk at school I turn to see who said that but I already knew. Konrad. He is such a dumb ass. Some people say I like him. I just laugh at this jokes, bug him and such. Sure, I guess it is flirting. He is such an ass. I just roll my eyes. The bell rings and the teacher hands back our tests. My stomach turns. I look at my mark. Thirty out of forty. Not bad. I let out a sigh of relief and look around at everyone else. Konrad is craving attention. I look away. He is not to get it from me. I space out and doodle on my sheet.

For the next hour I listen to boring chatter. Fifteen minutes left until school is over. I try to remember my homework but after one minute of unsuccessful pondering I hear the ring of the bell. School is out. I pack up all of my books. Kristen walks over and asks about English homework

"Not a clue. I didn't pay attention. Sorry"

"That's fine," and she walks away.

Brianna was my best friend and was waiting for me. She was glowering at me because I took so long.

"What are you doing Saturday?" she interrogates playing with a piece of binder that is ripping off. Clearly she is nervous to ask. She has short brown hair, blues eyes, 5'6" and has a round face.

"Nothing why don't you call me then,"

"Well..," she took a pause to getting herself psyched, "Wanna go to a party?"


"Eight o'clock at Jason's house."


"You know, my big brother!" she says impatiently.

"Oh... but isn't he is college?"

"Yeah, that's why it will be fun!"

"Brianna you know my parents will never say yes."

"You can still ask them any ways,"

"Yeah, I guess so," I was uncertain of what my parents would say to be honest. I was having visions of singing, having fun, and being the coolest dancer. The party is in two days. I could still convince my parents. So that night at dinner I popped the question. Some people say my parents are over protective and sometimes I would have to agree. I prayed this was not the time.

That night when everyone went to bed at ten o'clock. As I got in bed and turned out my light I heard voices through the wall. My parents must have been talking about the party. I prayed to God that I would be able to go. I tried so hard to hear what they were saying. They seemed to whisper for what seemed hours before they stopped. I still had tomorrow to convince them.

* * * *

"So what did they say?"

"Nothing yet,"

"Did you tell them where it was?"

"No. Look I'll say... you're having a party at your brothers house and....it's gonna be there because... he's leave soon... and he wants to throw you a party..."

"Yeah that is kind of the truth..."

"I'll just neglect telling them there will be hot college boys!"

"Yeah that should work," We giggled.

School had just finished and Brianna and I were going to our lockers. Hers was beside mine because we had the same home room. She shared her locker with one of our friends, Malvina. She was visiting her father in England for the month. We turned down the hall and approached the lockers. 12...43...3 was my locker combination. I had to pull hard for my locker to open.

"Can I borrow your locker mirror?"

"Yeah, sure," I open my locker all the way. Brianna pulled back her hair in a clip. I was much shorter than Brianna so I had to pull the mirror down six inches. I checked my hair too. I hade strawberry blonde, straight and in a ponytail. I usually wear my hair in a ponytail.

"I'll ask them tonight," I said to Brianna grabbing my coat and leaving the school.

"Don't forget the plan!" she yelled desperately.

"Goodbye Brianna,"

I walked home slowly thinking of ways I can approach the topic of the party. I can't yell and scream and demand because that sure won't work. Pushing the matter will aggravate them and turn them off but on the other hand if I am totally nice the will think I do things to just get my way. Parents are so hard to figure out. And I thought boys were hard. I could bring it casually like simply ask if they have decided. I though of the answers my parents might ask and answered them in my head. I was so focused on getting the answers right to my mental questions I nearly passed my house. I walked through the door and threw all my items on the kitchen floor. I decided that I should clean my room because I was not allowed to go out if it is not. My stomach sank when I opened my door. There were clothes, books, magazines, hair clips, garbage and stuffed animals everywhere. I had no idea where to begin. I stared by my throwing all my dirty clothes in my basket, picking up the clean ones and hanging up my newly washed clothes. I took my basket downstairs to the laundry room. I figured if I do the laundry I can get the best outfit ready for the party and get extra bonus points from my parents.

When the laundry was swishing in the washing machine, I ran up stairs to my room and closed the door. I piled all my papers on my desk and the junk I threw on my book case. My floor was clean. I sat and did my homework for once then listened to music while I drew pictures. I was never really good at pictures but I still liked to draw. After about twenty minutes I heard the door open. I heard a muffled voice say hello.

"Mom!" I yelled eagerly.

"What? It's Dan,"

I grunted. I got excited for nothing. I couldn't sit still for even five minutes. I kept looking at my watch. Pacing in my room. My mother should have been home by now. I decided to call Brianna. Ring...ring...ring...click! Why did her phone hang up on me? I dialed again but after three rings it hung up on me. She was probably busy. I hung up the phone and grabbed my slippers. My feet were getting cold. I heard a door slam. I looked out the window and saw my mothers red car. She was home! I ran to meet her at the door but I fell over my slippers with a loud thud. Angry that I didn't put them on right I grabbed them but it was too late. My mom opened the door and jumped.

"Boy are you ever eager!"

"Yeah... sure... um Mom? Did you come to a decision yet?"

"You didn't tell me enough about this party. Talk to me at dinner when your father is home."

Oh shit! Convincing two people who are very different will be so hard. My patients was in a short supply and I had a another day to go before the party.

* * * *

My dad didn't come home until six o'clock and dinner wasn't until seven. When everyone was sitting at the dinner table and a plate full of food, I looked at my mom hoping to catch her eye. Being unsuccessful. I asked my question again.

"Mom, Dad can I please go to a party?"

"Where is it?" my mother inquired.

"At Brianna's brother's house."

"Lilly...you know your too young..."

" I know but her brother is leaving soon and he wants to throw a goodbye party for her."

"Who is going to be there?" my dad piped in.

"Some family...friends,"

"Boys?" asked my mother.

"Yeah a few close friends,"

"Well... I don't know..."

"Please Mom!"

"Where is his house?" Oh no! I didn't know. I overlooked that question! I was staring to panic.

"Where he lives?...I am not entirely sure... but Brianna's parents are going to drive us...I could give you a call when I get there?"

"Ok but if there is any drinking or drugs you call ok and we will pick you up. Also, when does it start and when do you want to come home?"

"It starts at eight o'clock tomorrow and can I actually sleep over at Brianna's house?"

"Well as long as it is not at her brothers house, then yes." My dad seem skeptic but he nodded. I ate my plate of food as fast as I could and cleared my plate and glass from the table. Something isn't right. That was too easy. I got what I wanted and I have to do nothing? Just wait. They figure out something for me to do. I called Brianna again. Ring...ring...ring...click! What was going on? I decided to give up and lay out my clothing. Something nice, kinda sexy and tight. I grabbed my favorite pair of pants and a T-shirt. They were a bit old and tattered. No not good enough. I started to search for any good to wear. In five minutes clothes were everywhere.

"Where are my jeans?"

"Right behind you." I jumped. I didn't clue in right away I had spoken out loud. I turned to see my brother.

"Where are you really going?"

"What are you talking about? I'm going to Brianna's brothers house. I told you that already." I glared at him and grabbed my pants but he knew I was not telling the whole truth. I started looking for a tank top.

"Then why would you be looking for your best clothes?"

"I wanna look good? Ok fine..." I leaned closer to him so my parents wouldn't hear.

"I am going to a college party." I said in a whisper.


"Shhh! Yeah please don't tell mom!"

"I won't."

"Thanks." Daniel turned to go but bent down and picked up a tank top.

"Is this what you were looking for?" he handed it to me, I smiled and he left. No but close wrong colour. I was in a mad frantic until I found my red tank top and a sweater. Suddenly the phone rang and was soon picked up by my father. It was Brianna calling back.

"Hey was that you that called four times." sheepishly I said,


"Then what do you want?" remembering that I was allowed to go I began explaining.

"You sleep over? Sure I guess..."

"I am sorry that I invited myself but I thought it was the only way I could go."

"Nah...It's fine but my parents won't be home so you'll have to come over in the morning so you won't get caught."

"What time?"

"Eleven o'clock?"

"That sounds good. I'll see ya there." We said our goodbyes and hung up. By now it was ten to nine. I figured I would go to bed early and waste time sleeping. Well of course I couldn't sleep. Too excited. I read for five minutes until my mind wandered to the party. Then listened to music but then I had to turn in off because my family was going to bed. So for an hour I sat and did nothing but think of the party. I was nearing eleven and I was beginning to yawn. So I turned out my light and just closed my eyes...

By the time I woke up the next morning it was ten o'clock. I rushed to get ready. I put my hair in a bun and put on my favorite jeans, tank top and sweater. I grabbed my bag of makeup and walked to the kitchen. I grabbed my coat and was about to put on my shoes when my mother came into the kitchen and said,

"You're not going anywhere until you've eaten breakfast."

"But mom I don't have time!"

"Then you won't go."

I growled. Grabbing a very small bowl of corn flakes, barley even a handful I scarfed it down. I rinsed the bowl and headed for the door again.

"Have a good time! If you need me to pick you up just call."

"I will be fine mom. Love you." I mumbled with an attitude. I closed the door behind me. Walking towards the buss stop I imagined how fun and cool this party was going to be.

* * *