The following work is taken from the book A History of the Northern Lands, by the priest Newireg, from the monastery of Molgitbi, written in the fifty-eighth year of the Ysslier dynasty. The full text can be found in the royal libraries, in the capital city of Sierdulash.

Now, there was a dark time in our past when our people did associate with the heathens- who practiced magic and performed a great many abominable deeds, which caused them to be cursed. And our people, in their ignorance, did not distinguish the evil deeds of the heathens from the good laws decreed to us from the gods. And the gods turned their faces from us, and cursed us, because of our ignorance in allying ourselves with the heathens.

Then, in the third year of the Zeryv dynasty, when King Gerlik was asserting his power, the holy prophet Adirnath was given a dream from the gods, and he interpreted to learn the holy truth that is known to all the nations today. He proclaimed this truth to all the people of our nation- that the actions of the heathens are vile and dirty in the eyes of the gods, and that anyone who takes part in their wicked deeds or who suffers these people to live will be cast from the sight of the gods for their unholy deeds.

This revelation sparked a holy crusade for our people. They burned the things precious to the heathens, and drove out those who committed the atrocious magical acts. In a great purge of the land, nearly all of those who were cursed were killed by our holy knights and under the direction of the gods. This triumph over evil is one of the greatest shining points in the history of our land.

Unfortunately, some of those who drove out the evil ones were not pure of heart, and they failed to rid the land of all those who practiced dark magics. Indeed, even to this day, travelling groups of heathens roam the land, spreading their heretical ideas and vile ideas throughout the lands. There are some, however, who have been called by the gods to ride the world of these unclean dissidents, and by their holy power, these hunters of those with magic have been greatly successful in their quest.

With prayer and hope, soon these hunters will rid our land of its unholy taint. Our people hope for a newer, holy people, uninfluenced by the dark peoples who have been cursed by our great and powerful gods. We look toward their wisdom to bring us a brighter future.