Author's Note: In my year at school in the summer each student goes on work experience for one week. This essay was written for English class as a timed piece which had to be either for or against work experience.

Work Experience

These days work experience is now a compulsory part of the curriculum for most students. However, some people are against this idea, saying that it wastes time and is and unimportant and unnecessary part of school.

I disagree.

Not only does a work experience placement offer students a chance to find out about the world of work, it allows them to think about their possible career choices for the future aswell; they are able to see what kind of job or profession they would be interested in and they would like to do.

Another thing that work experience does is that it lets children see what it's like to actually have a job. For one week they are responsible for things and trusted with tasks and jobs by other workers.

Additionally, work experience can be fun.

For students who do not particularly enjoy the academic aspect of school they can find things that appeal to their interests.

To conclude, I think that work experience is an important part of a student's school career which can possibly lead them on to their future career in the real world.