He goes around smiling
His attitude portrays happiness
Everyone is fooled by
The front he puts on

But if you look into his eyes
And stare deep
You'd have to be oblivious not to see
The sorrow that dawns

He's lost, doesn't know where he is
He hates who he's become and what he seems to be
He's trapped in a hole of many depths
He needs to get away

He wants to get away
No one could've guessed
The dark and heavy thoughts
That slowly destroy him

They bear into his very being
Draining him of will
His soul is black
With their toxin

(Repeat Chorus)

He's poisoned, he's done
He needs, someone
He needs, to cry
He needs, to try
That someone, appears
Without, the leers
A mutual, promise
Brings some, solace

2nd Chorus:
He's lost, but has some direction
Someone loves who he's become and who he really is
He's trapped, but has a key out
He got away