You lied to me
Do you expect mercy on my part?
Do you expect me to wrap my arms around you?
And kiss your neck
And to stroke your hair
To climb into your lap
But instead your punishment will be
To let your cigarette burns heal
Just for me to inflict them again
But you ask me what the crimson marks on my wrist are
They are a tally of all the lies you have told
Which one is going to be the trigger to kill me
To make me kill you even
Whomever I please

You lied to me
Did I expect to be the one?
Did I expect to be the only?
To spend the rest of my life with you
To go to the death with you
To see the white plains of heaven with you
But you told me I was your queen
When on bended knee I was your servant
But now do not bother to wake up,
The tables have turned
I have taken the liberty to make sure you burn in hell
In the inferno of your own doing
Maybe then you will see
I was the one who worshiped you.