(I Just Lack the Motivation)

I can't help it if I seem like
A screw up to you.
I know I only
Cause you frustration.

People think
I'm going nowhere
That I've wasted
My education.

People think I'm
Too depressed
That I need
Some medication.

My parents just think
I'm a failure
Speeding to rock bottom
In high acceleration.

But you're all just giving me
A misinterpretation.

I just don't wanna do
What you tell me to
'Cause I have no inspiration.

Maybe someday
I'll get that motivation,
And maybe someday
I'll find that inspiration.

But until then
I'll do things my way
With no consideration.

I know I'll
Make tons of mistakes
I'll fall for every temptation.

But I'm not
Going to be like you.
I won't fall into formation.

I know you hate me
'Cause of my procrastination,

My lack of organization,

Me blowing off obligation,

My jokes about masturbation,

My overactive imagination,

Me not living up to expectation,

But for your information-
I don't give a damn.