The United States is at a point in its existence that no single country can defeat it. It is number one in military units, military technology, and overall military power. But even the strongest man on the planet can be taken down if there is enough people half his size attacking at the same time. And one man led this assault. He was the newly elected President of Russia.

The alliance of the invading nations started out as nothing more than a diplomatic agreement between Russia, China, and France. The US was not told about the particulars of the agreement, but it was assured that it was noting more than a trade agreement. Over the next several months more and more countries in Europe and Asia had joined together and signed this agreement. At this point the US was starting to get upset about not being included in what this agreement said.

The US wasn't alone in its exclusion, however. England and Japan were also denied information. With the US and its greatest allies all being ill informed about the situation, the US started to get angry. Finally, the countries reviled what they wanted the US to believe were their true intentions. They officially unified the separate continents of Europe and Asia into one continent called Eurasia.

The US was shocked. Even more shocked was England and Japan who had always been apart of Europe and Asia respectively. The Eurasian countries said they were not included because, being island nations, there were not technically part of Europe or Asia.

Over the next several years, the new Eurasian Alliance, as they liked to be called, thrived. They experienced economic booms seemingly every month. The overall crime rate plummeted, the agricultural and industrial industries flourished, and every country in Eurasia signed a twenty-year peace agreement. But once again, the US, Japan, and England were not included in the agreement, but Canada and Mexico were. In an attempt to somehow get back at Eurasia, the US, England, Japan, Australia, and much of the South American countries also signed a peace agreement.

The attack came suddenly and without warning. In the middle of the night bombs struck strategic targets all over the costal US. Naval bases were destroyed, airfields were obliterated, and missiles struck all over Washington including the White House and the Capitol building. The Coast Guard and Air Force tried to mount a counter-attack, but there were too many coming too fast.

The attack was over as soon as it had begun. The Eurasian Alliance didn't want to destroy the US in one night. It simply wanted to deliver a message. That message was 'you're in for the fight of your life, and it's not going to be an easy victory.' People woke up the next morning to reports of the devastation all over the East coast. Cities like New York, Washington, Baltimore, and Miami were scenes of chaos. The death toll was near a million.

This is the tale of a select few men and women in the months and years following the attack and the subsequent world war that followed. The people include the Vice-President, an Air Force pilot, a Naval officer, a young Marine strait out of boot camp, and an Army field medic.