Day 1 cont.

It's amazing how in less than twenty-four hours how one event can change so many people's lives. Jim Carlson and his father couldn't stand one another. It was just the two of them since Jim's mother died about five years ago. The lived in a small two-bedroom house in a small town in Kansas. They constantly argued and fought over a wide variety of topics. The number one topic fought over, Jim's plan to join the marines. This was all before the attack happened.

The day before the attack, they had another big fight. Jim wanted to join up just like his grandfather did back in the day. But Jim's dad argued that his father was killed in Vietnam and he didn't want his only son to suffer the same fate.

"But dad, there ain't no wars goin on right now. And I'm over eighteen and can do whatever I want!"

"As long as you live in this house you will follow my rules! And I forbid you from joining the marines!"

"Well then don't expect me to live in this house much longer!" And with that Jim stormed up to his room and spent the whole night there.

The next morning he went downstairs to see his dad glued to the TV. He hadn't seen his father so into a show since the last Super Bowl.

"What's going on, pops?" He asked. Even though they had a big fight the night before, most of the time it was all forgotten by the next day.

"Come here son. I want to tell you I love you."

"Dad, what's" Then he saw the TV. He saw the wreckage done to the cities. He saw the sunken ships, the blown up airplanes, and the ruined buildings. He dropped to his knees right there. Goosebumps ran up and down his spine and he felt cold all over. His father walked over to him, helped him to his feet, and gave him a big hug.

For the next few hours they couldn't stop watching. Then the Vice President came on. After his speech, Jim looked to his father. He had never seen his dad cry before until just then. Even when his mother died there were no tears. But now, streams were running down his dad's face.

"Dad." Jim said softly.

His father turned toward him and said, "You go. You go and you teach those sorry sons of bitches a lesson. You go make your grandpa proud."

"Thanks Dad. I love you."

"I love you too. Now go, go show 'em what a Carlson is made of."

Jim ran upstairs and grabbed his bag. He had packed it the night before thinking to run away, but now it served a different purpose. He ran back downstairs and gave his father one more hug before he was out the door and driving in his pickup to the recruitment place.

When Jim arrived, he had to wait in line behind at least fifteen other people there to sign up.

"Jim,' he heard a voice from behind him say. It was his father.

"Dad. Did I forget something?"

"No, I'm here to sign up to."

"But Dad, you hate the military. You always said it killed your father and drove your mother to drink."

"Yeah, but I figure if both my father and my son can go off and fight for what they believe in, then so can I. Plus you need someone to watch your scrawny backside out there."

"Thanks, Dad. Just try not to embarrass me."

"What are fathers for?"