All of Us Part 2 to a 2 part story.

/ I failed the lost For some time I slipped, stumbled. /

As soon as I stopped at the red sign I knew he was gone. Or at least leaving, I could feel it in the pit of my stomach. And some how that affected something between my gut and throat. It felt like some one had taken a cheese grater to the area. I drove to the 8th street. Where the vampires lived, solciting there mouths, asses, and cunts to poor, poor sheep, much like me.

I shook my head a nice boy would do, some one with the remotes apperance to. . . Mig-al rocker. . yeah, a rocker. . . I drove up and down the street untill I saw a kid about 6'6" and skinnier then shit, step out of a car, blue hair, multiple percings, black shirt and pants. It would have to do.

"You. Yeah you." I said gesturing over, blue boy. "How much?"

"Depends hun. what do ya'll want?"

"The Works." Damn, I had so many prostitues in my life I knew the lingo.

"Six hundred."

"Four hundred"

"Five, final offer."

"Deal. Get in."


I looked over at the kid as he got in, this kid was definatly new, his eyes wern't set in like Miguel's, his hands were still soft, and his arms and nose untaintwed with drugs, weed was another thing. When we drove up to his pimp and he told him where he was going. The guy nodded, and handed the kid a bag of the herb, as the kid handed him some money. I never had such a newbie before. I like my hookers experinced.

It was a quiet ride there, he had put the weed in his back pocket. He sat cross armed looking out the window. I concentrated on the highway, when suddenly.

The Kid, whose name he uncovered earlier was Mike. Yelled stop. I pulled over to the shoulder and Mike hopped out. I scrambled out the door. This happened the first time I got my whore fetish, I bought one and gave her money, and she ran off. He ran to a huddled wad of cloth and a red suitcase.

Mike tried to look through the case.

"Miguel." I said, grabbing the boy and his case and throwing it in the car. Mike glared at me and got in the car, I smacked him. He stared at me.

"What was that for?!" He said holding his cheek.

"For being annoying." I said as the car started moving, were almost home.

/But fell face first straight In your hand. Then I hit my head on your palm And wakened up to the smell of Tears drying up in the sand./

Mike was thoroughly exhausted after just twice with me, his two orgasms I hadn't even come close once for me. He was panting, and crying, begging for me to stop. No matter how hard I tried I just felt wrong doing this, I had bruised up the kids back so much, he looked like a rotting plum. I let him take a breather, and I sat and lit a cigarette, I rarely smoked anything other then pot. But, I felt like needed one, when make came out of the bath room he had a joint, he held it out to me.

"Wanna hit?" he asked, his hands shaking a little. I nodded and took a long puff from it. he smiled at me then looked at the chair that occupied my room.

"So, who is he?" Mike asked, stealing my cigarette from me, leaving my with the shitacular weed, he handed me. I looked in the chairs direction, looking at the sleeping form of Miguel, he woke up when I was tying him up so I hit him over the head. He should be waking up any second, I took another hit.

"Miguel Rascon, he is seventeen, and from Mexico, I brought him up to fuck, he leaves in a week, but he is leaving tonight, after I teach him a lesson."

"Oh. Isn't that illegal, or are you an import guy?"

"What you both do is illegal, and me buying in is also illegal, I have a friend who works border patrol, he let me and Miguel slip through and he'll let me slip him back, after a small payment."

"Um . . . okay. So, after this we continue?"

"Yes,." This kid grated on my nerves for no particular reason. I just wanted to beat him around until, he started crying and made me feel better.

We were approaching our fifth time, I felt like I was getting close, but this kid was like an anticlimax.

"What the fuck?" I heard a soft voice that belonged to the chair, speak.

I pulled away from Mike, who looked at me like he was doing me a favor. He sat up and looked a Miguel as I walked up to him.

"Well. . . well. . . well. . "I heard him groan.

"Shit, I thought I ran away from the id--you." I smiled, his lessons were fresh in his mind, even thought he had tried to run.

"What did I tell you about running."

He swallowed, and tried to get off the chair, but the jumper cables held him tight. I pressed against him, as I slowly undid his pants. He bucked against me, trying to kick me, trying to push me away.

"Well. . "I gave him one more chance but he remained silent. "If you run," I repeated my second rule to him slowly. " I have full right, to do with you as I please if I find you, and with no pay." I could feel him shudder, I could smell his fear, I licked his ear, god I could taste it. I could feel my body start to shake and I undid the cables and dragged him by the hair, to the bed, where Mike's hawk like brown eyes followed him. I grabbed Meegs and made him face me. I punched him in the stomach and then upon his cheek.

Mike licked his lips and the idea sprang into my head. "Mike, how would you like a free lay?" Miguel looked at me with silent anger, as my body kept him pinned. Mike smirked at nodded.

"I can do whatever I want, right?" I nodded as I pulled Miguel over the side board on my bed his knees touching the floor his upper body on the mattress. Mike crawled down to the floor. Grabbing my bottle and lubing his fingers and hand. What happened next, happened in a flash, Mike delved his whole fist in to Miguel's body, making him shriek and thrash around.

I held his upper body, Mike pulled out, his fist after a few thrusts and cracked his knuckles. Miguel was crying, I knew it, his face was buried in the sheets. When Mike decided he'd thrust his fist in again, I held Miguel tightly against the bed. He shrieked again, and Mike seemed to make it fit to shove up passed his wrist.

I watched for a few moments before I saw the blood. Miguel was sobbing into the sheets, when I told Mike to stop. I picked him up by the hair, and threw him on the bed. He wouldn't look at me in the eyes. I did see his face though.

His eyes were puffy, and red lines graced his beautiful cheeks. I ball of anger surged up from my stomach. I hit him across the cheek again. making him gasp, and I heard a faint ripping noise as his lip started to bleed. His body remained immobile as I continued to hit him. I wanted to hurt him, I didn't know why, but that cheesegrater feeling, made me want to make him understand. I wanted him dead.

I must have beaten him for a while, because the next time I saw him clearly he was that rotting plum I was talking about.

/All of us are searching for an open arm. Well, it's a shame how I curl up in the dark. /

He rolled onto his side as I moved away from him, Mike had smoken' a pack, as he watched my harassment of his kind, his fellow worker. He had this smirk on his face, like the "he is mine", look. I closed my eyes, and got off the bed, picking Miguel up and throwing him out of the house.

/When it's the same old word giving me the spark. All of us are searching for an open arm. Well, it's a shame how I curl up in the dark./

When I left to take Mike back to 8th street Miguel was still in the gutter, he didn't look like he was moving.

When I came back he was still there, I went to the gutter, and made sure he was alive, he was breathing, it was faint though.

I lifted his head. He looked at me, his face in a grin. I felt a shiver lash at my spine. He rolled his head over to me, I was on the virge of dropping him and leaving him when he touched his lip and put his bloody finger up to my mouth.

"I guess . . . . Your right, I am the . . . . . whore. . . But at least I have a heart."

His finger ran along my lips then he pushed me away, and stood and started to walk.

I felt my fingers twitch as I watched him leave. He was moving slowly I knew I could catch him. But I just watched him go. That Cheese grater feeling was back, I bit my lip and swallowed some tears, that tried to beat my eyes into submission.

Four Years Later/

/I washed my wounds with tears of hope. I washed my wounds with tears of hope. I just ... /

"Wow, I never thought in my life, we would be this popular." I heard Rayana saw looking out the hotel window.I stood up and looked out the window towards the city. We were in in a forien country, Just to play our music, for kids. I smiled and place my hand on her shoulder, I smiled, "We have two hours until the show, Food?"

She smiled and nooded. "Mikey! Chet! Rayana and I are getting food you want something?"



Rayana and I ventured out for food. I wanted something from this place, I just couldn't put my finger on it. But what ever I wanted, I made me nervous, and my hands quake.


We broke out the booze and the weed, and we all were doing healty doses of both. When Mikey giggled an hour in and suggested ordering Meixican hookers. It gfves us all a good laugh since Mikey was only in the band, because he could drum, and most imporatantly was my live in fuck after. . . . . .

"Hand me the phone book Mikey."

/An Hour Later/

Knock. . . Knock. By now every one was thrashed, and higher then kites, When we all scrambled to open the door for all 5 of our hookers, mix genders. Miky got to it and welcomed them in. After a few minutes, more alchol more pot. I didn't evan get a good look at there faces. I grabbed one then another ,then another that night, they all started to look som much alike.

/All of us are searching for an open arm Well, it's a shame how I pull myself apart. When it's the same words making me run for cover to your arms./

I groaned as the knock on the door, jutted me from my nights sleep. I tried to move my arm,but I felt it trapped under someoen else, as i felt more of my body, I was cuddleing someone . . .a boy. . .must have been one of those Mexican hookers we got last night. I just hoped it wasn't a cyoyte ugly. I opened my eyes slowly, the boys hair was black in back, but I could see some red up frount. And the a little tattoo of a spider on his shoulder.

My stomach lurched. . . No. . .It couldn't be. . . Why would he fuck me, after what I did. Suddenly I relised he was awake, Miguel. . . Miguel, was awake, the memories came flooding back, that night, his tears ad the his words. I yanked my arm away.

"Awake finally, dipshit?" He said sitting up "I thought you'd never wake up that asshole has been knock for hours, he would knock walk off then knock. I kept his back to me as he pulled off the covers and got on his pants.


"Dez."I reached out for his arm, I wanted to apologise, I was better now. I wasn't going to hurt him, I just wanted to hold him, and say sorry. He lurched away from me,.

"Miguel. Miguel. . I am sorry, I just. . ."

"You just what? Walked out on me,Left for a boy, who was totally new, who you let violate me, who. . . "

His voice trailed away,I stood and reached for him."Please. . .Listen to me. . I say I am sorry, I am on medication now. I wont hurt you. I just want to say-"

He turned to me laughing."Will sorry fix this!"He pointed at the right side of his face, his cheeak had scared over a cut from his ear to his eyes was always on his cheek. He pointed at his chest, It looked like glass had be ground into it, he was smaller the last time, actully a lot smaller his ribs his his even his cheek bones were notisable.He was dying. .

"You ruined me! You sent people to kill my mama and my pape, your people killed my brothers and sisters, I was supporting them, and you, you heartless freak, when I ditched you, after you ditched me. You had them killed. My pimp, noticied I was gone, my punishment!I was his for a year! do you know what that does to a person! So, its just me I am the last Rascon, and I am killing myslef slowly, and it is all your fault you fatass greedy motherfucker."

I was dumbfounded, I didn't know, that about him, I knew he was supporting his family, but I didn't want the killed. He had collapsed on the ground in sobs. muttering words, Like prick, asshole, pinche cavron. He was rocking back and forth, his bosy attitude faded as his whole body shakeing.

"Miguel, I never sent anyone to kill your parents, I am sorry he notised you were gone, but don't blame all this on me."

He scooted away from me as I approched him. He backed himself into a cornor. I wrapped my arms around him, I wanted him to know I was sorry, bust his nails found my bare back.

He stood up and pushed me away." I can blame one thing on you," I loooked at him with raised eyebrow." You made me love you." He started for the door. I moved faster then I ever had. I cut him off and grabbed his hair. He started to shake but no tears fell.

"I didn't hold a gun to your head, I am starting to think, it was the only thing giving you salvation. Miguel, I am sorry, but if you wont listen ill make you." I held his chin as he started to thrash. I kissed him sJust like I used to and grabbed his hair, pulling some out. I ran my hand slowly down his chest, until he started sobbing. What was wrong now. I pulled my lips away he whispered "don't, don't." I looked at him.

He was crying, sobs racked his body. I couldn't belivev he couldn't control them. He was shaking I could feel every vibration, he pulled away. I wrapped my arms around tighter.


I put my hands to my redening cheek. He stood quickly and made his way to the door, his fingers playing on the doorhandle. He turned, to me a small smile played on his lips.

"Dez," I looked up at him. "I was going to ask for it back, but no not now. You can keep it."


"My heart fucker. Even after all these years, the way you tore it up infrount of my eyes, You seemed to have sticked it back to gethe and made it your own. After the dog shit you treated me like, keep it, under you pillow, or ion a necklace, or in you drugs. Just know its there."

His fingers gripped the handle tighter,

"I hope."he turned away."you can find someone, someone to fit in your heart. I am dead, ir dying. I don't need it anymore. Keep them in there forever. Buit remember that stupid mexican hooker, the one that gave you his heart first. You were the one who ripped it up in frount of him and you have sewn it back together. Please, fill it with some elses love, so for once I can feel the love returned even if i am dead."

I stood up, and he faced me tears in his eyes.

"Even if I have no heart. I love you, I loved you , I will always love you. " he opened theer door before I had time to react, and ran down the hall. THat cheese grater feeling was back again I relise now. I had a broken heart then, and he was breaking it all over again.

"The Quiet Things That No One Ever Knows" is my next story sorry this took so long, this endign was hard.