My Eternal Water
By Lissa Howe
I'm standing at the edge of a well,
When all of the sudden I fall in.
I hit the water bumping my head
On the side of the stone wall.
Hands extend gripping my wet, golden hair
I cry in pain as another set of hands
Reach for my feet more grab my arms,
They all pull me under,
I try to suck in air, but swallow water,
I'm struggling hard to find my way
Out of the hands which bind me to my watery grave,
I swallow my last swallow as my face turns purple,
My body remains down here
At the bottom of the well forever.
Forever turns to eternity
My corpse cold, eyes glazed
And my sunken body blue with death
In my eternal water

Ending and title inspired by Rene McGowan
Edited by Draconic Spirit