Homework is all over the table. Danielle and Lydia are sitting down with math homework, looking very exhausted and bored.

Emma: Arg, Luna, this math homework is boring. I don't see the use of math, anyways.

Luna: Yeah, I know, Emma. Do you want to get a snack or something? Luna opens the refrigerator door. Emma and Luna start warping. Suddenly, they're in a place with lots of numbers, math equations, and geometrical shapes everywhere.

Emma (Looks around): Uh, Luna...

Luna: What?

Emma: This doesn't look like your refrigerator.

Luna: Yeah. There's numbers everywhere!

Emma (Points): Who's that?

Enter Supreme Equationer.

Equationer: Hi and hello! I'm the Supreme Equationer! Welcome to Digitopolis, the city of numbers and math! Who are you?

Luna (exasperated): The City of numbers?! Math class is bad enough, but...

Equationer: Math?! Bad?! Are you kidding? Math is great! Why, how could you have the three blind mice without the three? Or how could you buy a dozen eggs without the twelve? Math is great!

Emma: Well, I guess I never thought of it that way.

Equationer: You haven't? You better start and catch up! Why, if you had 25 friends over and you had 100 cupcakes, what would you do? How many cupcakes would everyone get?

Emma: Eh.... I really do know that, though.

Luna is fiddling with a calculator furiously. Luna: Umm.... is that.... 4? That's what it said on the calculator.

Equationer: Yes... You need a calculator?!

Luna: Don't you? Emma?

Emma: Eh, yeah.

Equationer: Well, I have to go buy a few things. Three dozen eggs, to be exact. And since a dozen eggs cost $1.80, and there are 12 eggs in a dozen, then each egg must cost 15 cents and...

Luna: How are we ever going to get out of here?

Equationer: Oh, do you ever stop complaining? Math is brilliant! Come along, I'll show you!

Emma and Luna groan and follow the Equationer who is walking towards a direction.

Equationer: Okay, so Miss Fractalena's store is 10 miles away, and we're going at a pace of 2 miles per hour! If you two don't speed up, how long will it take us to reach her store?

Emma: Miss Fractalena? What kind of name is that?

Equationer: Not the point. Ok, so how long will it take us? Come on, you must know this!

Luna starts fiddling with calculator.

Enter Calculator Thief.

Luna: It will take us... um....

Calculator thief sneaks up behind Luna and tries to grab calculator.

Equationer: Look out! It's the Calculator Thief! He tries to rob the world of math!

Calculator Thief: Oh yes, that's me! The true enemy of math. (Cackles evilly.) Calculator Thief attempts to grab calculator again.

Luna: Go away! I'm trying to figure out...um... um... what did I want to figure out again?

Emma: How long it will take us to get to Miss Fractalena's store if we're going 2 miles per hour and the store is 10 miles away.

Calculator Thief: Who cares? Calculator Thief attempts to get calculator again.

Equationer: Away with you! If you hate math so much, why are you in The City of Math?

Calculator Thief tries to grab Luna's calculator again and Luna steps back. Calculator Thief: Because I have to rob the city of its math, remember?

Equationer: Oh yeah?! What's Equationer holds up sign that says 3 + 4 - 4 x 5 - 8 + 4 - 6 x 9 / 5 -9 =?

Calculator Thief steps back. Calculator Thief: No! Anything but equations! Calculator Thief runs away.

Emma: Wow! Good idea, Equationer!

Equationer: See? Math does come in handy!

Emma: What does all that add up to anyways?

Equationer (shrugs): It all just comes to zero.

Luna: Oh, here we are at Fractalena's store. It didn't take us 5 hours after all. I guess we sped up.

Equationer: Good, you figured it out! If you didn't figure it out by now, I would have been 70.9% more surprised then I already am.

In front of them is Fractalena, with a table in front of her selling math things. There's a sign 'Miss Fractalena's Fraction and Other Store'. 5 shoppers are there. Everyone is talking.

Fractalena (girlish voice): Like, Hello! It's so nice to see such lovely 8 shoppers at my store arrive in the same 10 minutes, or 600 seconds. The average I usually get in 10 minutes are 3.1 customers.

Emma: 3.1? How can you have 3.1 people?

Shopper #1: Excuse me; I'd like 2 oranges or 4 half-oranges, in the shapes of spheres, please.

Fractalena: Why, certainly. Fractalena takes out 2 oranges and places them on the table. Fractalena: That will be one and one fourth of a dollar, or $1.25.

Shopper #1 takes out $1.25, hands them to Fractalena, and takes the oranges and leaves.

Luna: Wouldn't it just be easier to say 5 fourths of a dollar?

Equationer: No, no, no! Five fourths is an improper fraction! You would have to change it into 1 and 1 fourth, which is a mixed number. What do they teach you in school?

Emma: School? We were supposed to pay attention in school? I was sleeping.

Luna: I was "sick" last week. Emma got my homework for me.

Equationer: When will you ever learn?

Emma: Well, I really don't see the point of math. It still doesn't seem that important.

All the other shoppers suddenly become silent and look at Emma, shocked.

Emma: What? What'd I do?

The shoppers turn away and continue talking.

Emma: What?

Equationer: You see....

Subtracter knocks on door.

Fractalena (to Shopper #2): Oh, I'm afraid I have to answer the door. Please wait half a minute or 30 seconds, please. Fractalena goes over to door and opens it. Enter Subtracter.

Subtracter: Hi there, Miss Fractalena. Oh, howdy, Supreme Equationer. I'm afraid I've got a- a problem.

Fractalena: Oh, yes, um, hello Subtracter.

Equationer: Problem, you say? What kind of problem? Multipication? Division? Addition? Subtraction?

Subtracter: Subtraction? Subtraction is easy! Just take things away from other things and find out exactly how much that is! Simple.

Luna: Yeah, so what's your problem?

Subtracter: I was getting to that! Okay, you know, I was buying some video games. My parents only gave me $50 to buy them. Shopper #4: Aw, that stinks!

Subtracter: Yeah, I know! And so, there were some that were $25.00, some that were $40.00, some that were $50.00. I wanted this one video game, except it was in a pack of three. The pack was $75.60. Except the other ones were really girly and crummy. Barbie or something.

Fractalena: What's wrong with dolls?

Everyone glances at each other.

Subtracter: Umm, anyways, I don't want the other two. The storeowner said I could buy the one I want by itself if I could figure out how much it cost. So...does anyone know how I'm supposed to know this stuff?

Everyone except Emma and Luna take out calculators and then scratch their heads, unsure of how their supposed to do it.

Emma: You said that you were good at subtraction. Isn't division practically the same as subtraction? You should know this stuff.

Subtracter: Hey, I'm good at subtracting. I didn't say nothing about division.

Luna: You mean you didn't say ANYTHING about division. Get your grammar straight.

Subtracter: What-ev-er dude.

Luna: Look! What's the fraction for the percentage 75%?

Equationer: I thought you said that you didn't see the point of math.

Emma: Well, now we do. And the fraction is ¾.

Luna: Thank you! And so what's the percentage for ¼? Anyone know?

Fractalena: The percentage is 25%. Three quarters is 75 cents. One quarter is 25 cents.

Luna: And...60 divided by 3 is.... Luna takes out calculator and starts fiddling with it again.

Suddenly Calculator Thief bursts through door.

Emma: Not again!

Equationer: Off with you! Equationer takes out sign that says 3 + 4 - 4 x 5 - 8 + 4 - 6 x 9 / 5 -9 =?.

Calculator Thief: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Calculator Thief runs out of room.

Luna: Okay, so like I was saying, 60 divided by 3 is 20. So, Subtracter, your video game costs $25.20. You can go now.

Subtracter: Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Subtracter leaves. All shoppers (#1, #2, #3, #4, #5) leave as well.

Fractalena: Well, I'm glad that's taken care of. That Calculator Thief is such a bother. And he's around town about 2/3 of a day- or 16 hours.

Equationer: I'd like 3 dozen eggs please.

Fractalena takes out three dozen eggs (really 3 empty dozen egg packages). Fractalena: $5.40. Fractalena looks at her nails while Equationer takes out $5.40.

Emma: So... *nudges Luna* We better get going, right?

Luna: Yep. Equationer, Emma, and Luna leave the store.

Emma: That Fractalena is really...

Equationer: Fraction wise?

Emma: Uh...sure.

Mathitude enter. Mathitude (checking watch and looking through planner): Oh! Oh! Oh! 10 minutes until I have to go over to Triangle Hill to take a hike. And I have to be home by 6:30, and now its 4:30 right now, and if I usually walk at... Mathitude looks up from watch and planner and sees Equationer, Emma, and Luna. Mathitude: Oh, yes, hi there Equationer. I've got to hurry, hurry, hurry! And who're they? New here?

Equationer: Hello, Mathitude. Busy as always, are you?

Mathitude: Of course! I've got to go to the Triangle Hill before time runs out! And I'm only walking at 5 miles per hour and...

Emma: You talk too fast, Mathitude.

Mathitude: A mile every twelve minutes, to be exact.

Luna: Gee, everyone likes to be exact here, don't they?

Equationer: Of course! It's the law!

Emma: Does that mean we broke the law?

Equationer: Well, yes. Luckily the jailer is sick today.

Emma: How long is a minute anyways?

Mathitude: You don't know? Its 60 seconds! I've got to go now! Bye! Mathitude walks away.

Enter Multi-Dude (with skateboard.) Multi-Dude: Hey, yo yo yo! Let me measure your heights, dude. Multi-Dude takes out measuring tape. Multi-Dude (to Emma): Okay, so, dude, you're like 5 feet. Dude.

Luna: Uh... hi.

Equationer: Excuse me, but um...

Multi-Dude: I'm measuring their heights! Don't bother me, dude. Multi-Dude (to Luna): Dude, you're like, short. You're only itty-bitty 4 feet 10 inches.

Luna: Shut up.

Multi-Dude takes out calculator. Multi-Dude: So you're like, 5 feet. And you're like 4 feet 10 inches. And you're like, 5 feet. And you're like, 4 feet 10 inches. So... Multi-Dude fiddles with calculator.

Calculator Thief runs into the room and grabs calculator.

Multi-Dude: Hey, dude, I was using that! Give that back, dude. Before I measure your height!

Calculator Thief: Great. Calculator Thief runs out of room with calculator.

Multi-Dude (holding skateboard and running towards door): Give that back dude! Before I whack you with my skateboard! Multi-Dude runs out of room holding skateboard in the air.

They continue walking down the street.

Equationer: Let's see if I can find anyone who can figure out this equation. Equationer points to sign that says 3 + 4 - 4 x 5 - 8 + 4 - 6 x 9 / 5 -9=?

Enter Adder-Boy. Adder-Boy (points to sign): That's 0!

Equationer: Hi, Adder-Boy.

Adder-Boy: That's me, Adder-Boy! The Brains of the operation.

Emma: There are 4 operations: multiplication, division, addition, and subtraction.

Equationer: Good! You're getting good at this.

Adder-Boy: I teach all kinds of addition! Adding, long adding, even longer adding, and adding fractions. I can show you where I work.

Luna: No thanks...

Emma and Luna tip-toe over to the doorway.

Adder-Boy: Hey! You come back here!

Luna: Well, actually, we were planning on leaving, so...

Adder-Boy: Yeah, but I'm the only one in the city who knows how to get out of here.

Luna: Who made you in charge?

Equationer: Um, well actually...

Adder-Boy: Come to my office!

Emma (sarcastic): That's just great.

They start walking to office, grunting. There's a desk, lots of folders, a mini-computer.

Adder-Boy: Let me show you how to do adding fractions and feel adding advanced. Adder-Boy writes a bunch of addition problems on the board extremely quickly. Adder-Boy (points to board): How's that?

Equationer: That's...interesting.

Luna: Yeah, really, really, interesting...

Emma: Um, we better get going...

Adder-Boy: If you say so...Follow me.

Emma: Exactly where do we have to go?

Adder-Boy: You'll see. Adder-Boy leads them towards door. There is a bunch of silver, small boxes stuck to the door. Adder-Boy: Inside each box, there is a math problem. You have to do the math problem, and if you get it wrong, you get transported back to where you were when you first came here. If you get it right, the door opens and you're free. I can't help you.

Equationer: Good luck!

Luna and Emma each pluck a box off the door.

Emma (reading her box): If Emma and Luna got measured by Multi-Dude and he did NOT do it wrong, if the heights were added together, how much would it be?

Luna: You were five feet, and I was 4 feet 10 inches!

Emma: How did this thing know that?

Adder-Boy: Do the problem!

Equationer: Don't use your calculator! Then the calculator thief will come and we'll never get anywhere!

Emma: So five plus four is nine...nine feet...and...10 INCHES!

Adder-Boy: Put it back on the door and it will tell you if you're correct.

Emma puts it back on the door. Someone from behind the door who is hiding: You-are-correct.

Door swings open halfway.

Luna: Hey! You can't leave without me!

Emma: Okay, okay, I won't!

Luna (reading her box): If Luna was standing 10 feet away from Fractalena because she thought Fractalena was psycho, and Emma was standing 19 feet and 8 inches away from Fractalena because she thought Fractalena was going to kill her, how far away did they stand from Fractalena altogether?

Equationer: You thought that Fractalena was crazy? She's really nice!

Emma (sarcastic): Sure.

Luna: 10...plus 19...is...29...add 8 inches...it is 29 feet and 8 inches away! Luna sticks box back onto door.

Someone from behind the door who is hiding: You-are-correct.

Door opens all the way. Suddenly, Fractalena, Shoppers 1,2,3,4,5, Mathitude, are there. In background, Multi-Dude is chasing Calculator Thief with Skateboard in air.

Multi-Dude: Give that back dude! I was using that!

Everyone stops and waves at to Luna and Emma.

Luna and Emma: Bye! Emma and Luna start warping and suddenly they are back at the table with the math homework. Luna: Wow. Math really is important.

Emma: Guess we better start catching up on this stuff.