So confused.
Lost on a forgotten path,
Which leads to no where.
Every footstep echoes,
Every beginning has an end,
I know.
But 'till then, I'm stuck, alone.
Walking the forgotten path of hell.

Walking while dreaming,
Of what shall never be,
Thinking of the impossible,
Hoping for love,
Rejecting it when it finds me.
I walk, I run, I fly.
Away from my shadows,
My past,
Away from me and you.

Footsteps in front,
I'm going in a circle.
Forever walking for a reason,
That has neither point nor purpose.
Lost in a destructive world,
Lost on a forgotten path,
This way has no ending,
This path has no beginning,
Trapped in time,
Walking a forgotten path.

By Siobhan
Date: 23/Jubne/2004