This is a message,
A call for help,
A scream to talk.
This is a letter,
From my mind,
This is feelings,
On paper by pen.
This is who I am,
Hello, I am me.
My name is.
My eyes are.
My hair is.
I am.
Never again.

This is a message,
A memo of me,
My life.
This is a call for help,
I can act,
I can wear the mask,
I can cover my tears,
And cry at night,
When you're not around,

This is a letter,
A reading of me,
A calling,
A scream which seems to echo,
Silently. Inside.
I'm sorry for being me,
This is my overdue goodbye.
I'll leave silently.

By Siobhan
Date: 23/June/2004