Lila clasped the picture frame in her hands. It was an interesting gift, actually. And it would proudly be displayed on her wall for years to come. An amused smile crossed her lips as she skimmed the article written by RS Magazine mounted under the glass:

Months ago, the lovely Miss Lila Alvarez from DA Media willingly graced us with her presence. She's going strong at DA Media, and she happily says that she isn't planning on stopping anytime soon. And what guy wouldn't be happy with a woman who loves making the big bucks? The fact that she's into games and gorgeous doesn't hurt either. And if her successful career isn't enough...apparently DA Media plans to branch out to something else this year which she is keeping under wraps...AND...she's also got a big wedding to plan. Set to marry DA Media's CEO Justin Lee later this year (lucky son of a…), with games to play, work to do, and a fiancé, she'll definitely be swamped this year. Hell, we were lucky to score an interview for this special Valentine's month issue…

"You haven't hung that yet?" a male voice asked from the doorway of her office.

Looking up with a sheepish smile, Lila shook her head. "I still can't believe it, that's all."

Justin grinned before making his way towards her, but not before shutting the door to her office. "We've been secretly married for over a month now."

"No...just the whole publicity in general," Lila corrected, smiling as he took her in his arms. "I thought I'd be demoted from Goddess of Gaming to something more...boring?"

"You? Never." He kissed her on the lips and pulled back with a smile. "Besides...you're a good example. Couples who play together, stay together. I think more women should aspire to understand just how addicting XBOX LIVE or PlayOnline can be..."

"But if they did...they might lose all that make them feminine," Lila argued easily. As he was about to open his mouth to protest, she pushed him back into her desk chair, straddling his lap, unable to stop herself from laughing at the mischief in his eyes. "Wearing makeup...pretty dresses...they'd only think about games..."

"What's wrong with that?" He grinned as she quickly unbuttoned his collared shirt, splaying her palms across his chest.

Since they got married early January, the last few weeks had literally been a hurricane in their lives. She'd moved out of her place and into his spacious home...her sisters had taken her out to dessert at least four times...and she was happily in love with a man who never hesitated to show in his many unique ways how much she meant to him. Whether it be an email with a funny joke...or a wireless PS2 controller so they could play without the hassles of wires ten feet away from his screen. Granted, they still had their disagreements, but she had settled into married life very quickly. But only a select few knew her marital status...her family...and his.

That had been an experience. The day after Christmas morning with her parents, he had hurried her to Chinatown San Francisco and into one of those popular restaurants so she could meet his parents. It had been a little difficult explaining to both parents that they wanted to get married right away. They couldn't wait. In the end, both sets of parents wished them luck and asked that they at least have a large ceremony presided by a priest or minister later in the year. Lila was the oldest, technically first in line to marry, and her parents had always hoped to see her marry 'right'. And Justin...well, he was the only child.

The company had been very supportive when they announced their 'engagement'. The board of directors had been surprised, but their wives had made predictions about them 'making it', so it didn't seem too foreign of an idea. And the employees had insisted that they throw them a party in the future.

Lila felt Justin smile against the crook of her neck.

"I sent everyone home early."

"Did you?"

"It's Friday," he reminded. "We're the only ones who are supposed to be here late on Friday."

Lila pulled back to look down into his eyes. "But I'm not working right now."

"Hmm." Justin reached between them, his fingers stopping at the buckle of her shirtdress. "Must be my influence. There are other things I'd rather do at the office on Fridays."

She gave him a slightly scolding look. "We can't keep doing this on Fridays...Employees might be expecting it in the future...they already leave at four...you dismissing them today at three?"

"It's just this once, Lila," he reasoned. "It's Valentine's Day. Besides...I think we need to have an executive officer meeting."

She laughed. "But we're missing at least four other people!"

He grinned, pulling her belt free. "It isn't THAT kind of meeting..."

"Oh...all right. I guess we can do this..." she trailed off. "On one condition."

"What's that?"

"I'm the one who gets to play on LIVE tonight."

His grin widened. "That's assuming that you'll be either one...unoccupied and able to play or enough to sign on."

A/N: Thank you so much to everyone who read this! I really grew to love Justin & Lila and their story so it was hard for me to work to the conclusion. I'll go back on this some day and tweak it. And since I love them so much, I've thought about writing a story of when they were working together up until their first night together, but it'll depend on my free time and how that'll flow. Thank you again!