The rain pours once again
In the dark there is no end
Eyes skyward, hair blows in wing
Strom brewing, can we win?

Lost loves, lost faith
Shadows move, insistent wraiths
Lost hearts, lost souls
Caught in a web, sharp wind blows

Stand still and you will hear
A song sung in soft fear
A song of hope for better times
With different beats, different rhymes
All risen, sung as one
Searching for happiness, not lethal sun
A song of hope, dark as frost
A song of hope, almost lost

If you listen it's all around
Low voices, lilting sound
To this song some are bound
With this song some are found

Lost loves, lost faith
Poisonous song, is it bait
For lost hearts, lost souls
Torn inside, do they know

(Repeat Chorus)

But this song, it's fading
Because of depression, dark shading
What if this is the last
Song of hope for our future past?
All the voices start to cease
Holy Lord, help us please
What will we come to be
If the song of hope ceases to be?

(Repeat Chorus)