Thrown over the edge
Head over heals
Off of this cliff
Off of this ledge
This mountain peak
Of which I have stood
Waiting for my savior
My savior who never came
Thank god because he came
Came and pushed me over the edge
I tumbled down
Down and down
Till the bottom
Bloodied and broken
Dead and gone
It's over
My body has not been found
Soul is in heaven
Heart belongs in hell
Hatred of loved ones
Love for the hated
Bleed for the happiness
Crawl through the anger
Reach for this sweet hell
Climb for this agonizing defeat
Remove all the lies
Retrace all the lines
Time and time again
No more thoughts come
This pain will soon be over
I'll be awaiting my happy torture
In this sweet sweet hell
Thank you hell
For this sweet taste of blood
This sweet taste of affliction