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The Sphere Of Glaziodus: Chapter 7.

Kipali laid down Reliox on the ground. He called him and shook him in order to wake him up, but to no avail. He put his hand on Reliox's forehead and realized that it was hot. Reliox was very ill and Kipali didn't know what to do. He was totally helpless. If only his aunt were there! She was a gifted healer, she could cure Reliox in no time.

Well, when Kipali was younger, his aunt had taught him the basics of the healing craft. Maybe that could be useful. Kipali tried to concentrate in order to remember something relevant. Of course, the silam leaves were used against many diseases. But there was something more. When the healers organized expeditions to Omoda, they brought back several kinds of plants and one of them acted against fevers. It was a herb called flazeli, or something like that. But it wouldn't be easy to find it.

Kipali covered Reliox with a fur and began looking for the plant. While he was searching, he soon ran into a silam and plucked plenty of leaves. Then he kept on looking for the herb. He found several plants that looked like flazeli, but he wasn't sure they were what he wanted, because his memories weren't precise. Finally, after several hours, he recognized the herb thanks to its jagged leaves. He took all the flazeli that was there and went back to Reliox, who was still unconscious.

"Rel, wake up, please! I've found something to help you, but you've got to wake up.", Kipali said with a desperate voice.

Reliox stirred, opened his eyes and stuttered: "Vetiel.".

"No, it's me, Kip, not your brother."

"Vetiel.", Reliox repeated in a whisper.

"You're delirious. But make an effort. Eat that, it'll make your temperature drop." Kipali gave Reliox the flazeli. "And now, take that too, it'll help you fight the disease." Reliox chewed and swallowed the silam with difficulty. Kipali also helped him drink. Then Reliox got back to sleep.

Kipali watched over him as long as he could. But, in the middle of the night, he was so exhausted that he fell asleep. When he woke up the following day, he hoped Reliox would be fine. But he was still unconscious and his temperature didn't seem to have decreased. Kipali gave him the medicinal plants and some water several times during the day, but they didn't have any result. Kipali was more and more worried. Maybe he hadn't chosen the right plants. After all, he hardly knew anything about healing. And Reliox wasn't recovering. The next morning, he hadn't woken up yet. Kipali put his hand on Reliox's forehead so as to know if his temperature had dropped. He realized with horror that it was hotter than before. He panicked and his heart sank. He burst out crying.

"Rel, you can't die. Don't leave me, please! I need you. What would I do without you? We've almost succeeded in our mission, we've confronted the Numas and we've beaten them. It's impossible, you can't die now, we're so close to our country. Wake up, Rel!" But his words didn't have any effect.

In the afternoon, Reliox stirred. Kipali thought he was still delirious. But after a few minutes, Reliox sat up, massaged his temples and grumbled: "Oh! My head aches and I've got such an awful taste in my mouth. And I'm so thirsty.".

Reliox didn't have the time to realize what was happening: Kipali lunged at him, crying with relief against his chest. "Rel, you've come round! I'm so happy. I was worried to death."

"What happened? I think I've fainted. But I'm fine now. Calm down! Everything's all right."

Kipali looked at Reliox and said: "You don't understand! It was two days ago. And I thought you were going to die. I don't want to lose you, Rel.".

"Two days ago? I've slept for two whole days! Now I understand why you seem so worried." Reliox drew Kipali to him in order to comfort him. "But it's OK. Well, I'm not completely fine, but I'm going to recover quickly."

"I hope so. And I've got these plants for you. I'm not sure they're effective, but maybe they'll help you. I've already given you some of them, but I don't think you remember that because you were delirious."

"Oh! You've taken care of me. Why am I not surprised? Thank you, Kip!"

"I'll always take care of you. And here's some water. Are you hungry?"

"Not yet. I think it's better to wait longer before eating anything. I feel a bit queasy."

"Tell me when you want something."


The following day, Reliox felt better and they could slowly resume their journey. But Kipali checked regularly that Reliox didn't have a relapse. That also made him think again about their relationship.

"Rel, there's something I'd like to tell you."


"Well, in Poldum, I'd like us to live together. And I'm serious."

"Do you mean that you want us to move in together, in our own house?"

"Yes, that's what I mean. But I don't think it's possible. Besides, I don't even know what you want."

"Don't talk nonsense! Of course, I'd like to live with you. That'd be great! But we can't do that in Itras. Hey! I've got an idea! What if we went to Lephad?"

"But we don't even speak Lephadian!"

"We could learn. The Talemians can speak Itrasian and Lephadian. And I've heard it's not that difficult, since the three languages are similar."

"That sounds great. And, even if it's quite far from Itras, we're used to travelling." Kipali giggled. "But I don't want to leave Poldum, because of my family. They're important to me. I mean, you're very important to me too. But I don't want to leave again."

"You're right. There's my family too. It wasn't a good idea. But you were the one who talked about living together."

"Yes, but in Poldum."

"And how could we do that?"

Kipali answered hesitantly: "I don't know. We could try."

"Well, that doesn't help us a lot. But we'll try."


"Of course, Kip. I want that as much as you."

A few days later, they finally reached the limit of the jungle and soon were in Belim. They asked a passer-by where the temple was and, as it wasn't very far, he led them to it. Ziela was waiting for them.

"Kipali, Reliox, welcome back to Itras! The spirits told me that you would come here today. And I know that you have succeeded in your mission and that you are bringing back the Sphere of Glaziodus."

"Ziela, you're a shaman like Dilin. So can you perform the spell with the sphere?", Kipali inquired.

"No, I cannot do that. It must take place where the other formula was uttered, in order to destroy all the Numas."

"What happened in Itras when we were in the jungle? We've killed plenty of Numas, but were some people attacked here too?", Reliox asked.

"Unfortunately, there were many attacks and several people were injured. And twelve people have been killed so far."

"That's awful!", Reliox exclaimed.

"If we had been faster, maybe fewer people would have died.", Kipali said in a low voice.

"Do not think like that, Kipali. I know that both of you have done your best. You would not have been chosen otherwise."

"That's what I keep telling him!", Reliox commented.

"Now, it is time to have dinner. I am sure you will enjoy it, since you have not eaten a real meal for long. And tonight, you are my guests."

"Thank you very much, Ziela.", Kipali answered.

"Thank you", Reliox added.

The next morning, they said good bye to Ziela and left Belim. In the countryside, they realized that the atmosphere was full of tension. The inhabitants were exhausted and terrified by the Numas. But nobody noticed that there weren't any attacks in the villages where Reliox and Kipali spent the night. A few days later, they reached Poldum and proceeded to the temple. They were surprised when they found out that their families were waiting for them.

"Good morning! As you can see, I have told your families that you would arrive today.", Dilin explained. "Can I have the Sphere of Glaziodus?"

"Here it is!" Reliox gave Dilin the sphere. "Are you going to perform the spell at once?"

"No, it must be done during the night, when the Numas are vulnerable."

At that moment, Afilda and Jex ran towards them and began firing questions at their brother.

Dilin laughed and said: "A lot of people are going to act like that with you now."

"But nobody else knows about our mission.", Reliox commented.

"You're wrong. Our parents are very proud of you, and his too.", Vetiel said, pointing at Kipali. "So everybody in Poldum must know about your journey."

"Of course, we're proud of you and we're so happy and relieved you're back.", their mother confirmed.

"Yes, we're very proud.", Kipali's mother added. "Now tell us everything about your journey."

So Reliox and Kipali began explaining all that had happened in Omoda. But they didn't insist on the dangers they had faced, in order not to worry their families. And, of course, they didn't speak about the evolution of their relationship.

But, at the end of their account, Reliox said: "We're very close now. I know you're going to find that odd, but we'd like to live together.".

Kipali smiled at those words. Everybody else was astonished by that request.

"I don't understand. You can meet as often as you want.", Reliox's father commented.

"And you'll have wives soon.", Kipali's father added.

They argued for half an hour, but their families didn't understand them. Reliox and Kipali didn't know what to say so as to convince them. Finally, Reliox made up his mind: "Let's tell them!".

"Are you sure?", Kipali asked.

"Tell us what?", Vetiel inquired.

"No, I'm not sure.", Reliox answered Kipali. "But it's better like that. So I'm going to tell them." Reliox breathed in, but hesitated. They were all waiting for what he was going to say. That was very intimidating, even more than fighting Numas. Then, Kipali took his hand in order to show him his support. Reliox summoned up all his courage and announced: "We want to live together because we're in love.".

They all remained quiet. They didn't know what to say, they even had difficulty understanding the meaning of Reliox's words.

"We won't tell anybody else, but you had to know that. There's nothing wrong about it.", Kipali commented.

"Are you sure of your feelings?", Dilin asked.

"Of course, we are!", Reliox answered.

"Definitely!", Kipali added.

"Well, I am going to find a house for you.", Dilin offered.

"Really?", Kipali exclaimed with joy.

Reliox smiled: "Thank you very much, Dilin!".

Their families were still at a loss. They didn't object to the shaman's decision, but didn't seem to approve of it. Reliox and Kipali knew they would need more time to accept their relationship. But they were surprised at Dilin's sudden help. Had the shaman been aware of their feelings thanks to the spirits? Anyway, he led them to a friend who had a house to sell. And, with the somewhat reluctant help of their families, Reliox and Kipali could move in together.

After sunset, Dilin took the Sphere of Glaziodus and sat in the middle of the temple. He spent a few minutes concentrating, since it was a difficult spell. Then he focused on the sphere and started to utter the formula. The coloured reflections began moving and, at the end of the formula, an iridescent wave spread from the sphere. Whenever it reached a Numa, the spell made it vanish at once. Thus, all the monsters were destroyed.

A month later, the Talemians arrived to Itras. Etrim and Mifal went to Reliox's house.

"Etrim, Mifal, I'm so surprised to see you here. How did you know where I live?"

"We've been to your parents' and your mother told us where we could find you. And we've also had an account of your feats!", Etrim explained.

"What did she say precisely?"

"Well, she said that you and that other guy saved the world and stuff like that.", Mifal answered.

"By the way, why do you live with him?", Etrim asked.

"So, she didn't tell you. Of course not, since she doesn't know about you two. Great! I can tell you myself. Kipali and I are lovers."

Etrim and Mifal's jaws dropped. "Wow! That was unexpected! I'm so happy for you.", Etrim exclaimed.

"Congratulations! It seems that we've had a good influence on you.", Mifal laughed.

"Is he cute?", Etrim asked.

"He's very cute."

"Cuter than my Mifal?"


"I don't believe you.", Etrim answered.

At that moment, Kipali entered the house.

"OK, let's say it's a draw!", Etrim commented. Reliox, Mifal and Etrim burst out laughing.

"Did I miss something?", Kipali asked.

"As you had guessed, this is my Kip." Kipali looked at Reliox questioningly: they never said things like that in front of other people, not even their families. "Kip, here's Etrim and this is Mifal." Then, Kipali understood Reliox's attitude.

"Nice to meet you!"

"It's our pleasure!", Mifal answered.

And Etrim added: "Sure! Reliox looks very happy when he speaks about you.".

The four men spent several hours talking and Etrim and Mifal soon became friends with Kipali.

In Poldum, rumours started to spread about Reliox and Kipali. So, after a few months, the two men decided to stop hiding their relationship. They were a bit afraid of how the inhabitants would react. But, as they were considered as heroes, nobody criticized their choice openly. Little by little, the inhabitants even began accepting it. And other secret homosexual couples could finally show their love in Itras.

The end.

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