So perfect
My imperfections are highlighted
Like your hair,
Like your eyes,
Encased in glass contact covering,
Are you afraid of your flaws?
Are you afraid that what you see is a lie?
It is a lie,
You know it,
You understand that not everyone can be like you,
Do you take pleasure in driving girls insane?
Reminding me of how much I really do hate myself.
In your perfection,
In your skin,
Milky white or soft,
I can't tell the difference,
I am blinded by the blurred vision of tears,
Its not like you ever cry,
No what do you have to weep about?
You do not have the pressure put on you
To be beautiful
To be desirable in somebody else's sight
I am lucky I the only eyes I obey are my own.
But no,
If you release any emotion your mascara might run,
But I am running just to keep up with you,
Just to stick with the beauty that is set before me,
But I am sick of all the thin beach blondes in my life.
Perfection cannot be attained,
Without human chemistry,
In a lab creating the beauty standards
I faithfully hold myself to,
I take your picture in my hands,
And I rip it to shreds,
The clothes you wear I cannot fit into,
Your shoes are too tiny for my feet,
You are fake,
You are false,
You distort what truly is beautiful,
So that is why I feel no remorse for ripping your picture apart.
You are imitation of a fantasy that cannot come true,
That is why I embrace my reality,
That is why I can be happy in my imperfection,
I allow my flaws to bathe me like an angry rain,
Because I can cope with reality,
Because I am more then you will ever seem,
Now guess which one of us I think is closer to perfection?