After Monica left and turned on some lame boy band, Jezebels muses returned. She sat down at her metal desk and typed twelve chapters to a short story about vampires and the end of the world. After her hand and wrist couldn't type any more she updated her website.
It was basically a site where people displayed the most sickest wounds they gave themselves purposely or by accident. Morbid and things of the macabre were what made Jezebel tick. Blood and stitches were her favorite things to look at late at night when she couldn't sleep.
After updating her site and entering a short journal entry into her LiveJournal she shut down her computer. Jezebel walked over to her bed and flopped down on her stomach, grabbing her Evil Dead doll close to her.
Wonder where Jaspers rave is tonight? She thought to herself. Since she never got any money from her mother or step dad she had to make a living elsewhere. Jezebel was a meth, eXstacy, and occasionally when she needed the extra money pot dealer. She hated the stuff as sure as the rain falls in May. Jezebel just sold it to get by.
She looked up at her Nightmare Before Christmas Clock that she stole from the local teenage haunts at the mall.
11:12, I'll call Roofie he'll know where the Rave is.


One phone call later and Jezebel was gathering her My Little Pony, raver book bag and shoving her goods and all the glow sticks, binkies and blinking head gear she bought from the party shop.
Jezebel changed from her bad school girl look into; a pair of black baggy paints infested with chains, a fishnet T-shirt underneath a tight neon rainbow tee that had a glittery skullhead on the front of it. Her three-inch back knee boots were replaced with a pair of six-inch boots that had three buckles and a couple zippers along side them. Her neck had necklaces that made it look as if she hadn't one. Neon glowing ones, hemp with pot weeds on them leather with chains and to top them on two different blinking binkies. One strawberry flavored the other watermelon.
She was the poster Raver Child.
Jezebel slung her pony shaped bag around her shoulder and kissed Rabbit good night, as she walked out the door. On her way to sneak to use the phone Monica caught her. Jezebel threatened, more black mailed her into handing over Monicas precious Jeep Cherokees keys over. Now Jezebel didn't have to sneak into Joey's room and grab his small little Civics keys.
While she tiptoed down the stairs she stopped by the liquor cabinet and grabbed the Jack Daniel's. Monica with her pissy Smirnoff! Hehe! Jezebel laughed out loud quietly.
Another few steps and Jezebel was out the door free as a bird.