Jezebel was walked to a long white Imo that was quietly idling in the side alley next to the factory. When they reached to limo's door, a thick- necked tall black man got out the drivers' door and came to open the door in front of her and her kidnapper. The man stopped when he got in front of her, looking her up and down. Taking in the sites.
"Didn't know we were getting another girl?!" he looked at the man pointing the gun into the small of Jezebels back.
"Caught her listening in on business. So now we have a new trainee for Candie to deal with." Jezebel saw the man smile as he raised the hand with the small pistol in his hand, in the window, and she flinched as she saw him smack it into her skull.
Jezebel didn't black out with the first hit, so the man hit her a second time and twice as hard.


Jezebel woke up to the smell of cheap perfume and the sound of jewelry clanking together. A cold rag was on her forehead, and the pillow seemed made completely out of ice. Jezebel didn't open her eyes at first; she was hoping that she would open her eyes and be at home in her own hole of a bedroom, with rabbit sleeping on her chest.
She opened her eyes. The world was spinning. Where by Satan's will am I? She thought as she tried to focus her eyes. There was a small petite figure in the corner sitting on the couch watching television. Jezebel sat up, gasping as an electric shock ran up her spin and rattled around in her brain cavity.
"Oh honey yer up, good" the female on the couch noticed her grasping her head as it pulsed in her hands to the beat of her heart. The woman laid her right bejeweled hand on her head.
"Ya need some Tylenol sweetie?" she asked while chewing on her gum like a cow does its cud.
"A yes please, ma'am." Jezebel said meekly, just speaking hurt her head.
The woman disappeared to get Jezebel some medicine. Jezebel heard pill bottles being opened and closed repeatedly. She looked up from her hands and to her left. The woman's bathroom cabinet was visible from where Jezebel was sitting. The cabinet was opened and prescription bottles filled it to the brim. Finally the woman shut the cabinet and turned out the light. Jezebel quickly turned back into her original position so the woman wouldn't know she was spying.
"Well, I got everythin but Tylenol. These should do. Their old anti- inflammatory, or something like that." She rambled on as she got Jezebel a glass of water in the small four-foot square of a kitchen. " Had knee problems and the doc gave me those. Here ya go two should do it." Jezebel swallowed to two pills hoping they were only anti-inflammatory.
The woman stood looking at Jezebel after she had taken the pills and handed her the glass. She gave Jezebel a misty eyed look, and just stood there. Jezebel was starting to get uncomfortable so she broke the silent reverie that the woman was in.
" Uhm ma'am what's the matter? Are you okay?" Jezebel put her hand on the woman's shoulder and shook her. The woman shook her head and gave a weary smile.
"Yes, first you can stop calling my ma'am, and second your just so young." She cupped her hand to Jezebel's face as a tear rolled down her cheek.
Jezebel was confused. It showed on her face. The woman saw it. She turned walked towards a small table in front of the TV and grabbed a pack of Marlboros. Lit one up and walked back to explain to Jezebel, her fear.
" The man that picked you up from where ever." She waved her hand; smoke swirled around her like a snake. " He is the richest, most feared, mob boss, pimp, drug dealer and murder when needed." She let the truth sink in.
Jezebel's face paled, she could feel the blood leaving her face. Surely this woman was crazy and rambling, this cant be the truth. Am I gonna be his whore, or his dealer? Not that dealing is new but.a mob boss? In New Orleans, who knew? All these thoughts and possibilities ran through Jezebels mind as the woman began to tell her more.