when thunder strikes and the heavens cry
with the giant's hammer bluster,
a rage is stirring with a monstrous force,
far greater than mortal conflict's muster.

the gods will cry of snow and hail,
their contempt in a harsh and snakelike hiss;
take heed for the lightening comes to strike
with no intents to miss.

their message will be carried in a strident stream
so that all below may witness and hear:
humans are their sacrificial slaves and puppets
and cowering lambs beneath their fear.

flee, dear children, dare not look back
for the storm is coming soon;
see red eyes amid the heart of winds,
reflecting in the deep lagoon.

the mortal folly cannot dart immortal wrath,
or step aside Odin's hammer blow;
lest he rip the earth asunder,
and send them to the great below.