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--You have nothing to fear but phear itself.--

--The following is a monologue excerpted from the autobiography of Edward Phear. Never Published.--

What do you fear? Most people fear death. I do not fear death. I would embrace it. However, that is not something I can do. For I exist always, in the back of every mind. I exist for that second before your airplane takes off, and you wonder "Will I make it there alive?" I exist for all those small children that have monsters under their beds. I exist for those hidden within a bomb shelter, as they hear the planes fly over. I exist for that student, for whom the next test may be his last, and he sent home as a failure.

As far as I can remember, there has never been a soul that has not felt my touch. And I have been around for many, many millennia. My earliest memories spring from a young child, only moments old. She looked into the face of her Neanderthalian mother, and was horrified. It was a great feeling. I savored that moment, and I took a liking to that little girl, for all her short life. I followed her around, and fed off her terror. I think I finally drove her insane I followed her so closely. But what could I do? None of the others were intelligent enough to feel fear. She was my only source of sustenance. Eventually, there were others, and I was able to not bother her as much, but she was still my favorite. I remember her last moments quite well. She was quite insane by the time she was just 5 years old. She had run away, and become lost in the overgrown vegetation. I was immediately drawn to her terror as night came over the lands. Each burst of terror as danger passed by her balled up form was like a shot of strong liquor. Eventually, her luck ran out, and she was found by some barely evolved Raptores. There were only two of them, and they were only about 2 feet tall each. At the sight of them, she let out a shriek, and a wave of fear so powerful, I almost couldn't absorb it all. It was ecstacy. So underdeveloped were the raptors, that they could not simply kill her with those rear claws. Instead, the claws merely opened inch deep gashes where they struck her. She tried to escape, but they were too fast. Eventually, one of them managed to slice the tendons of her left leg. Then they used their teeth. The waves of terror peeled off her as the creatures ate her alive, bit by bit. I was overpowered by the great feelings. If I would have had a corporeal form at the time, I'm sure I would have had the equivalent of an orgasm. After, it was over, I only felt regret that I could not have saved her, so I could feel those sensations again.

I never did gain a corporeal form until the middle ages. Before then, I was doomed only to observe, soaking up the worlds fear little by little. I often wonder why I never gained a corporeal form before that time. I guess there wasn't enough fear in the world. Once I had a corporeal form though, it was much different. This was much better than soaking up the worlds fear, I could directly create fear in the world on which to feed. I took many guises over the years. I found the best way to create fear was to assume the form of a demon, dragon, or another abomination. This worked well for a time, however I soon discovered the drawbacks of these guises. Sooner or later, some do-gooder would come along and try to kill me. These "heros" were often quite unschooled in the art of fear, and they made themselves much trouble, and some of them proved hard to kill. Also, dragons did not like the bad reputation I was giving them, for most were actually quite gentle creatures. Several of them also sought to make an end to me. I lost several forms to them, for they did not feel fear. So eventually, I choose the form of warlord, and gathered quite a large army. I found you could create quite a bit of fear with an army of bloodthirsty savages. It was then I decided to let others create most of the general fear for me. And so it has been till this date. Fear is at an all time high, and I grow more powerful by the second.

However, the fear I like the best, is the fear I create myself, for it has the sweetest taste. On those occasions where someone or something sets out to make me extinct, I prefer to capture the unlucky bastard. While often fearless at first, I teach them fear. Then, the fear they exude preceding the last moment of their life is the most refreshing. I know what they fear. And I capitalize on that. One of the most memorable times I ever had to this end, was a man in the early 1800's. He was terrified to let a woman see him naked. So I gathered up a large number of incredibly beautiful women, and had them disrobe him bit by bit. So intense was his fear, that he actually died of fright. Not only did I get great rush of his fear, but I spent the night with several beautiful women. I have found that sexual stimulation isn't comparable to that which I take from peoples fear, but a combination of both is incredible.

Indeed, not all my power is a natural. Shortly after I stopped masquerading as demons, I was became intrigued by the dark arts practiced in the far east. It was quite the chore, submitting to a mortal, but the art of necromancy that I learned from that brief humiliation was quite a payoff. I tend to trust the dead more than the living, so it is in my best interests to make most living beings I encounter dead. At this time, I was moving up in the ladder of supernatural beings. I was summoned to hell for some of my particularly brutal work, and learned much down in that sweltering place. I found then, that I could feed off the fear I could create in souls. In fact, although it never occurred to me before then, that the emotion off which I fed, wasn't emitted by the body, but the soul. And, in the year 3000 B.C. I was crowned as Diablo, Lord of Terror, by the legions of hell. However, I never was really fond of the name Diablo, and gave it up after awhile, although, I am still regarded as the Lord of Terror in the under realm.

On the topic of names, I look back and realize how many names I have assumed over the ages. The name I use now, Edward, I can't remember where I got it from. Maybe I seen it upon one of those billboard signs. Maybe on the side of a taxi. That brings me to a point here. Of all the things people can be afraid of(and I know every one of them), the most common is the fear of change. That fear is one of the most abundant sources, so naturally I encourage it. Over the years, I have invented several fiendish devices. Some may seem to benefit mankind, and indeed, most of them do. But on their invention, I could only see the benefits to myself. I created widespread fear and panic upon the invention of steam driven mechanical devices. Half of a nation feared to be replaced by machines, and they still do. That fear has a unique taste, I rank it up there with wine coolers and brandy.

End of excerpt...

Well, thats my bit for that character. I hope it leaves enough open to be able to work him into a lot of stories, although I see him working well in a Spawn fanfic, or an original of sorts.