Shifting of the Graveyard: The True Apocalypse

The earth quakes and trembles,
I know something is coming.
It will devour us whole.
Making blood,
The thick crimson dripping through ruins,
And burning through flesh,
Like invisible hatred,
Closing in for the kill.
Look to the shadows,
Do you see the powerful tremors?
It's Judgment Day and the dead are coming...
Will you be ready?
They're clawing their way out of their graves,
Some nothing but dust,
Perfect ghosts...
Are you sure you're not a ghost?
Another tremble,
Another quake...
Look to the sky,
Listen as the earth screams,
Birthing such horrible light from the very core,
The earth shudders.
The light is gone,
Sucked back into the earth's catacombs and depths.
It is the sun's light.
It is inconceivable.
The sun compresses...