A/N: This was written as an exercise – written from scratch in fifteen minutes. It may at some point be expanded into a proper story, but for now this short passage will have to do.


"Sounds bad. We'd best get down there before someone notices what's up."

"Yeah," said Jaffa, "but how exactly are you going to sneak in unawares? They do have guards on the place, you know."

"We have a bit of an advantage there, though," smiled Ethyn. We can go quad, and who'll know?"

Jaffa frowned. "Do what?"

"Ah, you mean no-one bothered to tell you? Typical of this place, is that. Not that we want everyone to know, of course, but I'd have thought it pretty obvious that you'd have to be in on it. Still, if you want something doing properly...

I haven't got the time to go into any great detail now, but in essence some of us – including me – have a limited shapeshifting ability. Nothing terribly fancy, and we can't change species or anything... but we can appear as your average everyday rabbit. Can be quite handy."

Jaffa's eyes widened. "I'd imagine so! And you can do this whenever you like?"

"More or less. It's quite tiring, as we need to concentrate a lot – we've been anthro for so long now that it's pretty much the natural shape for a Lape, meaning that if we're not careful we'll start to change back, generally at an awkward moment." His voice dropped so as to be almost inaudible. "I won't forget Kester..."


"I don't really want to talk about it. Let's just say that he's a reminder to us all of how careful we need to be."

A silence fell across the room, and Jaffa stared at the pictures on the wall, at the water pipes running below the ceiling, at the flickering lights of the control panel in the open cupboard. Anything to avoid seeing the shadow that had fallen across the other's face.