Death is waiting
Death is breathing down your back,
Can you feel it?
It's whispering to you,
Filling your mind with horrific thoughts of blood and destruction.
The broken moon hangs above you,
Revealing you,
Showing you for what you truly are.
Your faults loom in your face,
Making Death's whispers seem to peal as sweet bells.
Your soul clenches in pain,
Why do sins cause such horrible condemnation?
Because... Death whispers,
They are such damnable crimes.
Such truths have been paid for with madness.
You go deep inside your self,
Ending is drawing close,
Death needs but one taste,
Your breath, blood, flesh,
Death wants you to be its servant.
But will it take you?
Or leave you here to bring terror and bloodshed upon mortal souls?
On the damp grass,
You look to the sky,
Black sky merges with crimson,
Stars implode and crash,
Sky drips heavily upon you.
You shudder as your eyes roll to the back of your head,
Your heart stops,
Your body convulses terribly...
You are dead.