Here is a poem I wrote about music. Nothing fancy, just something I've been
writing in my head for a couple of days. Time to put on paper.


Sometimes I feel music is my only friend.
Music will never hurt me.
Music will never judge me.
Music doesn't care what I look like
It doesn't care if I am tall or short
Fat or skinny, smart or stupid, black or white.
Music loves me because I listen, because I understand.
Music doesn't play favorites.
It loves it's listeners, it's connasseurs, equally.
Music will never betray me.
It will never test me.
It doesn't alienate me.
It doesn't ignore me.
Music does not care what clique I'm in.
Music doesn't care who my friends are.
Music will never date my best friend.
It will never go out with the girl I like.
Music will never be mad at me for stating my beliefs.
Music will never make me feel helpless or small.
Music inspires me, music loves me.
Music is my writing.
It is my cure, my savior.
Music makes me cry, makes me laugh.
Music makes me euphoric, and makes me depressed.
Music channels my emotions into art.
It is my drug, my greatist fix.
Every hit brings new ideas, new feelings.
Music gives me a shoulder to cry on.
Music gives me advice.
Music is my religion.
Music is me, and I will make it until I die.