Broken Daydreams

Smashed upon the floor
The calendar, it seems so empty
Without days filled by you
No summer sun or winter snowflakes
The life ahead you slew
And what about our little cottage
On a quiet country lane?
The roof is crumbling down around
Me as I stand in pain
The windows seem so pale and brittle
But show an awful sight
Abandoned swings and a broken slide
No voices of play-fight
The videotapes have been wiped blank
Where tea parties should be
And graduations and young, fresh smiles
And sights I'll never see
There are no disjointed animals
Drawn upon the side wall
No sighing for the cuteness of it
No plasters for a fall
And there's no mother in the kitchen
With family to feed
Because the husband will not come back
Give me the love I need
Your pretty words promised me all this
And all the papers too
But I now know my dress should be black
When it's put next to you
Smashed upon the floor