Her golden waves catch the sunlight
She laughs so sweetly, so softly
And her words are laced with pure delight
Though they have a wit which stabs sharply
Could someone so good
Ever be true?
Her golden waves dull the moon glow
As she swallows the liquor clear
'Til memories of her day go
And demon thoughts that used to sneer
Could someone so good
Need relief?
Her golden waves fly in the breeze
But her soul remains deathly white
They don't understand why, with ease
She drinks throughout the dark, cold night
Could someone so good
Hide her life?
Her golden waves stay warm in snow
And in the white she hides away
They are so blind- she is so low
For her the sinners never pray
Could someone so good
Crave their love?
Her golden waves fade down to grey
And her rosy cheeks have dulled down
But she will not drink on today
Finally word spreads around town
Could someone so good
Meet this end?