The word peace has no place in this land, and such has not been heard since many revolutions of the sun. Siachar, the Prime Lord spread his influence like a plague. Many souls fell in the resistance that resulted from the forced order. Siachar's grip on the world only grew stronger with the enforcement of his troops. When all seemed lost, one man rose to lead the people to victory. His name was Rian.
Rian was a defector from Siachar's army. He used his knowledge of tactics to push back offensive forces. He taught the people how ration, organize, use stealth, and how to fight. Yes, Rian was hero. During his time with those in need, he married a beaughtiful lady, Tori.
Tori was well known for her knowledge of the body and mind. She tended to the ill and injured, all the while caring for Rian's mentality. Such care is necessary for one to be successful in plot. As time passed, as battle continued, Rian and Tori produced a baby.
Here begins our story.