The mist covers the field. The resistance never expected such ferocity from the army. It is apparent that the tide of this battle is against them. Many died when they didn't need to.
Rian rode with fury. The enemy was closing in and Rian needed to clear out the base before they arrive. He can see it up ahead as he approached. Arrows zipped past him.
He burst in with a great cry, " Flee! Get out of here! We've been found out!"
The people scatter, trying to take as much as they can with them. Rian goes straight to his home. Where his wife waits.
"Tori, we must leave this place now."
She looks up from the crib that holds their child.
"They are coming?"
"Yes, my dear."
An arrow enters the home, finding its mark in Rian's shoulder. He shrieks in pain and falls on his knees. Four men enter and surround them. Tori holds on to the child. Soon after, Siachar enters.
"Rian, you walk with footsteps of blood."
Rian forces himself to stand and replies, "You walk in roads of blood."
Siachar draws out his sword, and Rian does likewise. The dual is one sided, Rian is weakened by the injury to his arm. However, he can only think of his son whom is in the midst of this conflict. Rian summons incredible strength and strikes the sword out of Siachar's hand, but Saichar is a man without honor. His men come forward and punch and kick Rian. Saichar picks up his sword and stands before Rian.
"Perish for your betrayal to me."
Rian lets out one last statement of defiance, " You will perish for the betrayal of your fellow man."
Siachar's blade come down, ending the life of resistances greatest leader. Tori cries in agony over the loss of her husband.
"Take her."
The men Grab Tori and begin to lead her away, but Siachar reaches out and grabs the child from her hands.
"NO!", she cries as the men take her away.
Siachar pulls out a dagger.
"You young one, will be devoured by beasts like an animal, the same animal your father was."
He cut the child across the chest. He rides out deep into the forest and drops the child, leaving him to the elements and at nature's mercy. The child cries out loudly, but with no answer. Siachar leaves.
For the passing of two suns the child cries, clinging to dear life, oh so fragile life.