My Day of Doom


Seconds ticking by.


Minutes crashing through.


Flames lapping at the scars

I thought had healed.

Wounds now open,

I bleed for you.

Battered by myself

In my dark.

You could never understand,

You would never realize that,

Sometimes I wish I would have died instead.

Staring at the T.V. screen.

Those buildings bring back memories.

I dam my feelings up to keep from

Flooding with my tears.

All the thoughts are locked inside

And you would never recognize

That I hate this day, for my smile

Blocks your sight.

And for those of you who think you know

What I'm trying to say,

I must tell you

I'm sure you're wrong.

No, this is not a reference to

Your precious day of doom.

It's my recall of my memories

Of 5/28/02.