Dark eyes, slim features, rebel, 14
My lower half of life
With you, my friend, talking is so overrated
Our tongues can be used for such better things
You can see my body, warm and real, that's all you need
No time for catching up or hellos
You're here, that's all that matters, and you're vulnerable and bare
All that I need

Blue eyes, gentle, lovely, 15
My upper half of romance
My tongue often yearns for an intelligent conversation
Your mouth can satisfy this craving from a distance
You can hear my thoughts and opinions, that's all you need
No time for useless groping and touching
We've got things to talk about
You're here, breathing and processing words
All that I need

Lust, love, separate breathing bodies
My torn needs are satisfied by two
My mouth is poisoned with another's spit
My mouth is poisoned with meaningful words
No time for trying to be loyal and kind
You're all here, unsuspecting and willing
All that I need