Where do you fly little bird?
Where do you fly?
Can I follow you to your nest?
Can you show me new lands?
Teach me to sing to welcome the dawn.
Teach me to exist, to fly as free as you can.
Why do you fly little bird?
Why do you fly?
To escape the hassle of life?
To try to reach the stars above?
Do you fly for joy,
Or just because you can?
How do you fly little bird?
How do you fly?
On wings so beautiful as yours?
Do you fly with the air currents?
Or with the power in your wings?
Tell, me I want to fly with you.
Why do you sing little bird?
Why do you sing?
Is it your voice that keeps the world moving?
Do you call the angels to choir?
Teach me your song.please so sweet
I listen for you, when life floats passed.