A/N: I spent quite a bit of time readying the Manga section of FictionPress today. All the while, I thought to myself, "Anyone can do thisit's easy." So, I began to write this story: Mega Love High School VI. Where the five preceding stories went, I don't know. Putting a Roman numeral after the title always struck me as awesome. Anywho, Mega Love High School VI is the story of a 14 year old girl named Suni who has a crush on Toshi, the cute football captain, and her crazy antics with her human and animals friends. Then, crazy stuff happens and she fights DEMONS! Soenjoy!

Chapter One: Waking Up In The Morning

Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrring! Suni slammed the alarm clock and sat up, shaking her wild mane of silvery hair out of her face. "Boy, what a sleep," she thought to herself as she stood up, putting on her slippers.

As Suni went into the bathroom, she relived the weirdest dream she had. She dreamt she was in class, staring at Toshi like she always did, and suddenly, this demon popped out! So, thinking fast, Suni grabbed a ruler and beat the crap out of it! Everyone was cheering, Suni was on top of the world, Toshi reaching up to kiss her

"SUNI!!!!!!!!!!! YOU'LL MISS YOUR BUS!!!!!!!!!" Suni's mother yelled from downstairs. Suni fell to the ground in a comical fashion, grumbling to herself as to why her mother had to interrupt the best flashback to a dream EVER.

Rushing outside, Suni climbed onto the hoverbus that would take her to school. Spying her best friend Ayani, Suni sped down the aisle and sat next to Ayani.

"It's about time, Suni! You almost missed the best!" Ayani said, grinning.

"Ayaniguess what," Suni said, beginning to grin herself.

"Whatwhatwhatwhat?!?!" Ayana asked really fast and really excitedly.

"I HAD A DREAM ABOUT TOSHI LAST NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!" Suni whispered loudly.

Ayani collapsed to the ground in a comical fashion. "That again? Suni, you gotta realize — Toshi doesn't even know who you are!"

"I knowI have to hope, right? My dad always told me that I should follow what I believe in, no matter how impossible it seems!" Suni's eyes shone as she spoke, remembering her brave, loving father.

The hoverbus pulled up to their high school, and all the students on-board exited. On their way up the walkway, Suni spotted Toshi. Darting quickly into a trash can without thinking, she watched Toshi throw a football to his friends.

Ayani poked her head up behind the trash can. "Er*sweat drop*you're sitting in garbage."

"*sweat drop!* AH!!!!!!" Suni cried, falling out of the trash can. Toshi turned to look at her, as all his friends began to laugh. He approached her, holding a hand out. "Are you alright?" he asked.

"Y-yeah! I'm fine! *huge sweat drop*" she said, standing up and brushing garbage off herself quickly. She grabbed Ayani and sped up the steps quickly just as the bell rang. To her, this was the worst day ever.

And it was far from over!