I bid the wind tell you what it knows,
Far in the lands over the sea where it blows,
Let it give you this message from me,
So that you know there is more than what you see.

Watch the sunrise; lie down on the green grass,
Notice all that has come to pass,
Notice everything has changed, never will it be same,
As it was before. They have changed its' name.

"A rose by any other name still smells as sweet"
True, but human senses are laden with deceit,
And the greatest beauty, if labeled foul,
Will rot and transform, and a dove will growl.

I wish the world wasn't dumb, deaf and blind,
And I wish all goodness wasn't let behind.
But no one listens to my prayers, and despite my labors,
I can't change a thing in this life love abhors.

Lingering at the haven, waiting for the last ship,
To bear me hence, on my last trip.
But I linger in vain, only for show,
For that ship for me won't come, I know.

Yet let them see! Let them watch me!
Let them know I hope I will one day be free.
Let them know there is hope on this earth,
Let them know there might yet be a re-birth.

This world is hanging by a moment,
One wrong step and the next will be torment,
A fatal collision with all the fiends of hell,
And a fall into the watery pit of an endless well.

AN: I wrote this ages ago.I expose so many different ideas in here that
it's confusing.