I look in your eyes, I look deep inside,

And I see you've left me, you've said goodbye.

You were so magnificent, always my friend,

And because of your loss, I need to mend.

You have such a beautiful face that reflects you so well,

But why can't you see that I'm going through hell?

I've given you warnings and messages many,

But then again my thoughts are only worth a penny.

That's what they tell me, those big corporate jerks,

But they don't see how much a simple word hurts.

My guardians have been blind for such a long time,

They don't see that in they're wallet I'm only a dime.

I'm sick of the world, I'm sick of pretending.

I don't want to act anymore, I need a happy ending.

I hate this world so much!  Everything's just a mistake!

Every little thing I do, every single morning I wake.

It's like there is no such thing as love anymore,

It's an eaten peach that's down to it's core.

An empty, pitiful life is the one I lead,

And to hear a simple sentence is what I need.

When you tell me you love me, I want you to mean it,

Because I'm tired of being a useless pit.

I want to be worth more than twenty-five cents,

I want to be the 1 dollar bill you keep in your pants.

So now that you get the point, I believe I am through,

Just three more words I have to say—I love you.

A/N:  Okay.  I wrote this, and I know that a lot of words I use don't rhyme, and I'm sorry about that.  I've actually fixed the problem in some of my other poems, but I don't know how to fix it, so they remain like that.  And this poem was written, I'm not sure why.  Actually, it's about someone I know.  Hopefully she'll read this one day and understand.  I'm off to go bother my cousin.  Ta!