A/N:  Where do I keep coming up with this stuff?  O.O Wow~ee!  O.O I mean, I don't ever remember being able to come up with poems; and having them rhyme in such a way, or pattern!  O.O Maybe I should look into poetry for a career?  ^^;; Anyway, I thought of this while thinking of a guy I know; and after some things he did.  For any guy or girl that's said they loved someone; and then walked away due to deceiving the other.  Rated R for language; and anger.  ^-^ Enjoy, and please be kind.  ^-^ This was written at 2AM; so if there are some grammar errors; please excuse them.  ^-^

DISCLAIMER:  Spiritquest's poem.  Hers and hers alone.  Y'all get the point.  ^-~ Ask me if you wish to use this someplace else.  ^-^ Thanks, and enjoy the show!  3

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You tell me that you love me
That what you say is true
That I'm supposed to see the light
When I gaze upon you

You tell me that it's all right
That someday I'll realize
Just how much you love me
And that soon I'll be surprised

I see the truth so clearly
When I look into your eyes
You try to cover up what's there
With your mind games and your lies

I'm not a little prissy shell that will jump on your commands
I am not
Nor will I ever be
Submitting to your rotten plans

You want a girl to call your own
A love to show you to
A life where you have it easy as pie
And skate your bleak way through

A bank account filled full of gold
Credit cards, and wads of cash
Treasure as far as the eye can see
A mansion for your soul to crash

An understudy to string along
For when the first departs
You'll cry, and whine, and run to the second
And say you want her heart

See, I've known people that are like you
And I will not submit
A dashing smile to make us swoon
A seduction that won't quit

You say you want the average girl
When indeed you seek a Barbie Doll
You smirk and grin as the flakes come to greet you
When you stand up and make your call

Go on and try to be mine
I'll fill you with my hate
The pain I've felt for so many years
Will make your evil ways deflate

I am a darkened princess
Entwined with rage, and strife
My veins, they flow with lightning
Though my spirit lacks of life

I'll chew you up and swallow you whole
Take my pleasure from your pain
As you cry out for me to stop
I'll brighten the searing flame

At one time I used to love you
Then you lied and pulled your shit
Well, here I am, your highness
Now it's your turn to submit

You will now feel my pain
Like a dagger through the heart
As I laugh and twist at your very being
Your ego ripped apart

You placed too much in your shopping carriage
The perfect woman in your eyes
A girl with money, a girl with not a clue
One that fell too hard from the skies

To meet at the Summit
To smile and greet
With open arms, and a kiss
You said would happen when we meet

But, now you're off and denying that
And everything you said
Go off, enjoy your beaches, 'princey'
We'll be where true beauty is instead

You had your chance with this empty corpse
And you blew it all that day
When you only shrugged, and didn't look back
The day you went and walked away

I hope now that you're happy
I hope you're having fun
And when the day comes that you both fuck up
Do not come to us, and run

We tried to save your soul
Tried to show you what we thought true
We never wished to split two apart
Instead make the sunshine break through

So, when you're on the streets
And when you look back on life
Don't blame us for when we're not here
We'll be high above the strife

We're ready and set, dark angel
Unleash your magic and your scam
We'll counter your attacks with our own tricks
In the end, you will get slammed

So, go on with your life, my dear
But mark my words as true
Watch your back, 'Prince Charming'
Cause I'm coming after you...

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