Do you think I'll forget
After all this time?
Dear God, I haven't changed enough
Nothing can hold itself together
Without you here
OH PLEASE come back
Just to kiss me goodbye
Don't you know what I promised
I never lied to you
It even when I said
It would be too painful to exist
Without your kiss.
Oh but wasn't it always
Too much to bear?
I can't explain how difficult life has been
Days that last for years
And strike me down
You are gone and I can find
No comfort here
Without you, please come back and
Let these aching arms
Embrace you, mingling our tears
One last time
Please do not sink into that which you despise:
Married, maybe by thirty
Some man who hits you and sleeps around
You are bearing his child
I am sorry to be alive if I cannot save you from this.
Do not leave me trembling
Here with no hope
And do not die.
You are a light which never hurt my eyes
Never even made me blink
Though you were bright enough
And I never would have said you weren't
Oh how you saved me from
That which I nearly became
Being in love with you
Was near enough to heaven
I am sorry I never had the chance
To die for you
FOR GOD'S SAKE the grief is three months old and drumming a funeral march
inside me please do not die ever because hope of one day seeing your face
is all that sustains me when the water rises above my head or when I am
about to jump in order to end all this.
I am sorry we wept just because all was wrong with everything
I loved you more than anything
Was ever loved
Dear God, three months ago I was in your arms
And nothing left me more terrified than that night I lost you, the night I
had no hope of ever living again.
Here I sit, you're dead to me I'm dead to everyone, thinking of you in
order to stop myself dying that particular death I promised you I'd avoid,
if only that we hold eachother one last time.
I am sorry I promised everything would be alright
I know I shall not see the day.
Your touch is all that is left for me
Must I finish