"Head in the clouds, that's where you are." Mrs. Fletcher's voice filled her daughter's head as she stared at a music poster. "Head in the clouds…" Maggie repeated, "head in the clouds…."

"God, go away!" Maggie's deep, bellowing voice commanded the thought. "Go away…" She murmured again. I guess I feel like repeating myself today, Maggie thought as she adjusted her backpack on her slightly sagging shoulder, repeat…repeat…repeat

Chuckling to herself, her eyes scanned the blue and white Philadelphia mall. God it's huge. A couple rushed past her, throwing her off her feet a little, and swearing vengeance under her breath. People are so damn rude these days. Her shoes squeaked as she waltzed around in wonder. Man if only I had the money, I'd buy everything here. An evil counter thought ran into her with a triple bladed sword. But I'm poor, my mom is poor, my dad is poor, my dog is poor, hell I'm orphan Annie.

A woman with a cell phone walked past her, and she got a tidbit of her conversation. "I know Howard, I know the college price is high but we can make it if we just…" The unsolved mystery ended there for Maggie. College huh? Grunting in a giggling tone she embroidered the thought why the hell should she complain about prices for college, she knows she can afford it.

While as for me, I might never go to college. Her heart sank lower as she thought about that fact. Besides I bet college is overrated, I mean, c'mon who wants to go to a stupid building in the middle of nowhere, prepare for things you might never accomplish, and meet college boys who will lead you to their dorms on your first date. She sighed. But on the other hand at least it proves that you have a future.

A rumble emerged from her belly, and she made a detour to the coffee shop. P.S I am also in tenth grade so I don't have to worry about college. But worrying about the future was what Maggie did best. Mama is right in a way, I do dream a lot. And by dreaming she did not mean sleep dreams, no she meant the dreams that enveloped her mind in a state of awe and question. Dreams that she sometimes couldn't escape, dreams about the future. I wonder why I have such a fascination for the future? Brushing her bangs out her eyes, she got on the escalator and stared down into the penny filled fountain. Maybe it's because I have none. She nodded her head as if she was agreeing with herself, and a few people stared, wondering what she was thinking about. Yep, I have repeat have no future. No destiny, no fate, no legacy, not even a job at a gas station, I have no future.

Her mind wandered when she thought of the word legacy. Wouldn't be cool, if was a descendent of a family of vampire hunters, or witches, or deities? A smile of amusement lit up her face. Yeah that would be eternally cool. Giggling a bit she imagined herself as a vampire slayer, jumping about, making wisecracks, and kicking some serious vampire ass. Sweet bloody Jesus don't I wish! Smiling even wider, she crossed from the escalator and into a designer clothing store.

Immediately forgetting about the mythical gig, her eyes widen at the skanky, tight as F.B.I security, and twice as expensive clothes hung upon coat hangers and glittered in the luminous light. Whoa, Britney I don't think we're in Las Vegas anymore. She touched the fabric of one lace up shirt with a very low V-neck. How can a living human being wear this junk and gain respect? The answer was lost to even her.

"Excuse me miss, but do you need anything?" Maggie turned and saw a toothpick skinny woman with black hair looking at her with eagerness.

"Uh…no…thanks anyway." She said while biting her tongue. You actually work here? Dear God woman how can you expect not to have a physical relationship with someone?

The woman, looking somewhat diminished, sighed and said, "Well if you need anything let me know okay?"

"Okay" Maggie replied.

And with that the woman turned and walked away. I wonder how old she is? Maggie returned the rack There wasn't any lines on her face so she has to be young. Maybe even in college. Depression once again reared its ugly head in Maggie's mind.

College…college…college everything these days are about college, "Oh look at me, I am studying to be a doctor which means I'll be richer then you and you shall have to lick my boots for the rest of your pointless lives."

"Bah." Maggie said aloud and left the store in a huff. Why do I think about the future so much? I mean it's the future. It's the same as the present, because that what it's degraded into, and it never brings any change except for the rich people. So in a nutshell the future is stupid and highly overpriced. Grunting in agreement, she turned towards the escalator, and would have gone it except for the fact that a boy with his arms filled with books crashed into her.

"OW!" Maggie cried out angrily as she hit the floor. She got up and yelled, "Why don't you watch your going? Dummy!"

The boy however smiled and said, "Sorry guess I wasn't looking." Suddenly feeling apologetic, Maggie bent down to help retrieve the books. She picked up on and read the title Harvard: A History.

"You're going to Harvard?" She asked the boy.

He shook his head and said, "I want to but I'm not sure if I can get in."

"Why not? Or is it none of my business."

He laughed a bit. "My tests score are bit low." He said sadly. "But I have good recommendations from my teachers and I got straight A's in language so I just might be able to get in."

"It's an elite school." Maggie stated.

"Oh don't I know it but it's always been a dream of mine so…" He trailed off with a shrug.

Maggie picked up the last book and placed it in his arms.

"Well good luck and all."

She began to move past him.

"Wait a minute, what about you? Where are you going to college?"

"I'm in Tenth grade." She said without a moment's hesitation.


"What do you mean 'so'?"

"It doesn't hurt to think about the future."

"The future's stupid."

He shook his head frantically.

"Oh no the future's great, because it gives an excuse to hope, and we all know hope is good for the soul."

"I'm poor also."


"Just what are you trying to say?" Maggie stared him with anger glittering in her eyes.

The boy didn't back down. "Being poor has nothing to do with it. Everything in the world depends on how good a person you are. See, a good person has opportunity knocking on his door constantly, but a person who gives up too easily and doesn't think about the future gets the door of opportunity slammed in his face. The future is a building block on becoming the person you want to be, and I don't think that if the future was stupid it wouldn't hold so much possibilities."
            Maggie gaped.

"Well gotta run, nice talking to ya." The boy turned on his heel and staggered towards the elevator, leaving Maggie alone with her confused thoughts.

Possibilities? Opportunity? Hope? This is way too much. She stared at the path the boy had taken. Man does he need to get with the program. God. "Being poor as nothing to do with." Bull! Being poor has everything to do it! Everything is about money! And hope ha! There is no such thing.

Maggie smirked in consent but then a little, tiny, itsy bitsy voice, found an audience with her mind.

But what if he's right? Maybe the future isn't stupid maybe it's actually worth thinking about.

Maggie shrugged off that thought and preceded towards the exit. But the voice came back again. You have nothing against hope right? She nodded. So if you head is in truly in the clouds and you know it is it might not hurt to have a little bit of hope in your life. Confused a bit as she stepped out into the warm street she remembered what her mom said.  

"Head in the clouds, that's where you are."

 She gazed up to the clouds that had formed a crooked star above her head.

"Head in the clouds, that's where you are."

Maggie smiled

Mama you have no idea how right you are.