Waves of pain echo in my heart,
deep down below the known,
Where memories and emotions collide.
Where impending tears,
threaten to wash away forgotten beauty.
And yet, despite the mind,
despite all that is relevant or irrelevant,
my pure embodiment lies in the moment.
It is embedded in thoughts of a second,
instead of revelations of an existence.
I become trapped within a feeling,
and bound to a rule made of dust.
My bonds suddenly break,
and clarity sets in.
The haze of imprisonment,
shaped by my own ruthlessness,
disappears from a once clouded eye.
All is known then,
but destined to be once more, dismissed,
into the corners of my mind.
So I send a plea into the depths of every heart.
A cry for the moment,
a wish for the lack of surrender, to ones self.
To live in a lifetime, but never,
in a moment.