Its been a real Nemo day

Flap that lil fin a bit harder
Churn the water
Set the surface a stirring
Let em see that big things are happening beneath

These times are hard
And trying
So many little ones dying
Even before there gills are wet enough
Before the seas get rough enough
Their fins tough enough
To fight waves and resist their grave
For one more day
Let me see that little fin working
Outside is flawed
But inside beats the heart of a shark
Tearing into life with strong jaws
Let it rip feel the flow
That's life coursing through your veins
Rippling in the currents swaying the sea grasses
Lulling you to sleep
The days end is here
And you've done your best
Let your mind rest
Settle in place and watch the colors pass by
Its been a real Nemo day