You always seemed inperfect
The way you dressed those days
memories you wished to keep,
You only keep away
Dreaming, Slightly, You seem to forget
Letting your thoughts mess with your head
You pretend all is fine, as your lies start to pass
You change your mind, over and over in your head
Making up stories for reasons to stay
Sharing your thoughts, only doing you away
Catching yourself in the act, is no good
Only reminding you all that you could
Lost in side, you said once before you Died
To fall from above is where i am to try
You live in life's most hateful world
You live your life in the pit of your agression
You memory Decives you as your thoughts play around
Receding towards darkness, can "You" not be found
Trusting your arms with the one you most hate
Inside your mind, she is "A-Ok"
forgetting that night, lost all alone
Searching your thoughts to destroy all you know
All is a game, a party for you
You run a hide, but it will catch you
Time is right now, you can not leave it there
You seem to stop at where your life is to end
Perfect, never, story's of which
All are lies from the begining to the end
Sharing your thoughts, screwing with your memories
Thought you would forget, but why do they seem to stay...?
You run by yourself, as the light shuts its way
You think your alone, but they are there to stay
Open arms, for you to hide in
But you turn away, the Darkness is your hiding place...
You capture your life, already from the start
You know you mean "Nothing" so you play as if its that
You say you are something, Important, back then...
But your thoughts has erased memories to forget...
No only which, all that is shown
This "Life" that is hidden in the snow
You already "Choose" your "Path"
Now take it, and Run...
You say you are the "only one..."
"Me agaisnt the World," ha, where did I hear that before...
Thoughts upon Memories to which you destoryed...
No more thinking back, now, You can not run for long...
The darkness shall engulf you...
You mind is not it's own...
Created in shame, it shall only die
Falling from that "Ugly Blue Sky"
You sit up in sorrow, Thinking life is already gone
You know your "Destiny"...
"so why try and Fight it?"
"The battle is over", all along you so said...
"Why stay here fighting, when you no you are dead?
I can't stand here, longer.
My life is not a shell...
Soon I shall break, and my pieces will be gone..."
You look down in sorrow, as all seems to be
Pretending that 'Life" you so seem to lead...
Forgetting those thoughts, Memories destroyed...
Now all you have is this "Life" you created...
This "Life",
"You" created in Shame...
By: Jason Rodriguez