Experiment Sukki
Beginning Of The Legend

Chapter 1
The Legend Of Sukki

Fifty three hundred years ago, when a terrible demon roamed the Earth, all the people hid from the demon in fear. No one dared to opposed this demon, no one could even hit the demon with there arrows. Everyone was afraid of this creature. The demon that roamed the Earth was once a god, a god that protected the lands and was given goats and sheep for her hard work but one day, no one came to her temple after she saved the field from becoming nothing but dust. At that moment, she was alright without one visit, but two days after that she saved a mother and her child from a burning building and still no one came to thank her for her hard work. After five more times with no one thanking her for her hard work she decided to turn over a new leaf from that moment on she turned from a god to a demon.

Once everyone thought that she was just coming to visit them, but once she killed a mother, father, and two children they quickly saw that there protector was no more her name was, Sukki. They used to call her Lord Sukki, but now they call her Demon Sukki. After a year some scientists found out a way to stop Sukki. So, they all started to build a machine, a machine that would stop Sukki and her evil. Once it was completed, they went straight to work on getting Sukki to go over to the machine. Once Sukki was seventeen feet away from the machine, they fired it and Sukki's spirit was trapped into a crystal ball. Their plan was to trap Sukki in a crystal ball and put the ball in a safe place where no one that had an evil mind would revive Sukki. But at the same time Sukki was trapped in the ball, she also let her guard down, and the machines fire pushes her out over the ocean and was lost somewhere on Earth.

Quickly after that, a gang called Jianios was born, and started to look for the crystal ball. Their rules were simple, rule 1. Protect the innocent people. 2. Destroy anyone that tries to revive Sukki. 3. Find Sukki's spirit in the ball. 4. Never let anyone, but the scientists or Jianios leaders, hold the crystal ball. Four simple rules, that has never been completed. No one has found Sukki's spirit, but they did find people trying to find it and revive her. But no one has found her. No one.