Experiment Sukki
Beginning Of The Legend

Chapter 3
Biono! Please Help Me!

At the bottom of the mountain, a man, that looked like he was around his forties or thirties, was washing his clothes. He was using a little river that came from a small hole in the mountain, and the water felt icy cold. Suddenly, a yellow light shined over the man's head, making him look up... A shooting star?.. the man thought when he saw what was shining so brightly. In the middle of the beautiful blue sky was a glowing ball, a star, or something...Wait a minute! Stars aren't out in the morning! The man followed the glow until it disappeared over some trees.... What was that thing-... the man's thoughts were cut short when the ground started to shake and an explosion went off over the trees. The man fell on his butt and saw a huge explosion of fire and smoke. "What the hell was that?!" the man said in a loud and mad voice.

The man ran over to the crash sight, still holding one of his shirts that he was about to wash. As soon as he made his way through the trees, his first shock was to see a capsule that was badly destroyed. The thing that really struck him was to see a small boy laying on the ground and not too far from the capsule....What's a kid doing here?... The man thought as he ran to the kid's side. The boy had shiny blonde messy hair and looked a little scratched up.

"Boy! Wake up!" the man yelled as he held up the boy's head, "Boy!" The man shook his head and looked back at the capsule. "That thing is a death trap...And this kid happened to be inside? I hope not..." The man then picked up the kid and walked back to his washing site.

There, he set the boy down on some soft grass and went to the little river. He then dipped his shirt that he was holding into the water and carried it back to the boy. Then he dripped some of the water on the kids face.... C'mon kid! Wake up!... As he continued to do that, the kid started to move...Only an inch, but he moved!

"Boy! Boy!" the man yelled again, "Can ya talk? Can ya hear me? Can ya stand up?" The boy opened his eyes, and gave the man a slight weak smile, just to let him know that he was fine. After that, he shut his eyes and fell asleep. The man gave a sigh of relief, and decided to finish his laundry before he goes home with the kid.

Later that day, the boy woke up. He was inside a house and not outside... Where am I? And where is Renkuji?... the boy thought to himself. Quickly after that thought he heard the clatter of dishes hitting each other. He decided to see what was going on and looked in that direction. He saw that same old looking man that he saw earlier this morning, and he was eating some food this time. "What?..." he said in a weak and soft voice. The man was just in the middle of slurping up some noodles when he heard the kid's voice and then started to choke. He started to hit his stomach and then he swallowed very hard.... He choked... the kid thought again. The man looked at the kid, and he didn't look that happy to see he was recovering.

"Kid! Don't talk when I'm eatin'! I choke up that way!" The man yelled at him.... Like I care about that...

The boy gave the man a tired stare making him feel sorry for the boy. "So," the man said in a nicer tone, "What's your name kid?" The boy looked at the man and then looked away up at the ceiling.

"My name's Sukki," he said, "...Where am I? And who in the hell are you?" The man was a little shocked on what the boy said.

Then he started to laugh, "I'm Biono. And this is Kimioni City." Sukki looked at Biono again, but this time he didn't look so weak and innocent.

"What!? How in the hell did I get to Kimioni City?!" Sukki said in an upset voice, "I'm not suppose to be here! I should be in Miano Village!" Biono started to drink some water and once he heard those words, 'Miano Village' he spit out all the water that went into his mouth and onto the floor.

"Are you serious?!" Biono said in a scared coughing voice, "You live in that trash heap of a town?!"

Sukki somehow pulled himself up and looked at Biono, "Ya! That's right! I live in that town!" Biono shook his head to wake up from the whole shocking truth.

"No way! Why did I help you?!" Biono yelled, "It's 'cause of your people that we were attacked! Why did you just attack our city! Tell me now! What did we do to you?!" Sukki started to laugh. Biono gave him a stupid and clueless face, "Why are you laughing?! Tell me!" Sukki kept on laughing for a minute and then he gave him a big smile.

"I'm not really from Miano. Me and my bro moved there after the war. The people there weren't mean like people said they were...They just didn't trust many people. They thought you were going to attack them.... Don't know why they thought that, but they did."

Sukki started to look around at Biono's house that he could see without getting up. "Nice house..." he said, "It's much better then mine." Biono gave him a face, one that looks like a lot of questions. He then sat up and walked over to Sukki. Biono kept walking until he got to Sukki's head and knelt down to his level.

"Can you feel your legs?" Biono said looking at them. Sukki's legs were all scratched up and he gave a surprised gasp... How'd that happen?....Wait!! Those men!.... Biono's head went closer to Sukki's to see if he was alright. "Well? Can you move them?" Biono said a little impatient, "Can you walk? Do they hurt?!" Sukki woke up out of his thoughts and was quite surprised to see Biono's face up so close.

"I-uh..." Sukki stuttered, "I guess...I'm not sure..." Biono gave Sukki a big grin.

"Here, let me help you decide." Biono said as he reached for Sukki's legs. He started to act like a doctor and asked him if anything hurt as he pushed on his scratches. "I guess you're alright," Biono said, "Try to stand up. C'mon, boy. Stand up." Sukki looked up at Biono as he stood up. Sukki then looked at his legs and back at Biono.

"Okay," Sukki said after a while, "I'll try." When Sukki finished saying that he pushed himself off the couch. First, he almost fell on his face, but Biono caught him in his fall. His second try was much better, but his legs started to hurt.

At that point, Biono was laughing, "Okay, okay. That's enough, boy. Rest some more. You'll need every minute." Once he lay back on the couch, he noticed that his legs went numb. Sukki never fell asleep, but he did shut his eyes, making him look like he was sleeping. An hour later, his legs weren't numb anymore. He sat up again and opened his eyes.... Biono....Where is he?... Sukki thought when he was looking around.

"Biono?" Sukki said in a soft voice. "Is anyone here?" Nobody answered, it was completely silent. "I guess Biono is gone..." Sukki then pushed himself off the couch once again, but this time he didn't fall. He was alright! Sukki started for the door to his left, but once he touched the door handle the door swung open, pushing Sukki to the floor. The next thing he knew, Biono was looking down at him.

"Kid! You alright?!" Biono yelled, shaking Sukki to make sure he would wake up.

"Y-ya..." Sukki said, "I-I'm fine! S-stop shaking me!" Biono did so and let Sukki go.

"What was that for?!" Sukki yelled in a mad voice.

"There are some strange men looking for ya, boy." Biono said looking at the door. "They might have followed me, so be careful. Stay on your toes." At those words, images of those men in black suits flashed throw his mind.

"You mean...Them?" Sukki struggled to say from all his thoughts.

Biono gave him a confused look then said, "You alright boy? Did I hit you that hard?" Sukki quickly shook his head to wake up from his memories and gave Biono a firm look.

"No! I'm fine!" he said, "I was just thinking, okay? Is there a problem with that? If there is, I don't give a damn!" Sukki lifted up a fist, but didn't throw it at Biono. Biono just shook his hands around.

"No, no. No problem." Biono said, putting Sukki's fist down, "Don't worry, kid."

"I have a name you know," Sukki said turning his back on Biono, "It's Sukki...And don't you forget it!" Biono gave a slight smile... Tough kid...Better stay on his side...

"I'm sorry, Sakki." Biono said. Quickly, Sukki gave Biono an evil glare.

"That's not my name!" Biono looked at him with a surprised face.

"Oh...I mean, Sikki." Sukki shook his head quickly.

"No, no! That's wrong!" Biono was a little confused and started to rub the back of his head.

"Oh...Um..Is it Sokki?" Biono waited for an answer, but not the one Sukki spit out.

"No! That's it! I'm outa here! You made fun of me enough!" Sukki yelled into his face. He then started to run away from Biono, but Biono thought fast.

"Wait! Sukki!"

Sukki stopped running when he heard his name. He stopped in the hallway, where two huge windows hung to his right and left. The sun light glimmered threw the trees that were outside the window, and the light hit Sukki and the floor he stood on. Because of the light, Sukki's eyes started to glimmer with it, green eyes that sparkled light green... Girls will love this boy... Biono thought as he saw Sukki's eyes. For some odd reason, Biono felt a cold chilly feeling run up his spine as he continued to stare into those eyes. Sukki didn't move an inch. All he did was stare into Biono's dark empty eyes.

Outside, not too far away, a man was staring through some binoculars and aiming them toward the windows, right where Sukki was standing. The man lowered the binoculars, but kept his eyes in the direction Sukki was in. "That boy..." the man said, "He has it...The mission seems much closer when ever I look at the kid..." The man started to laugh. Another man with a blue scarf over his neck walked up behind him.

"Boss," the other man said, "The men are in position...When ever you are ready-" The man threw his binoculars at the man with the blue scarf, and he caught it, barley. "Uh...Boss?" The man said in a shaky tone, "Did I say something-" The man stood up and the other man with the scarf stopped speaking.

"Yes..." the man said, "I'm ready...Strike now! And get that boy before he gets away again!"

The blue scarf man saluted the other guy and said, "Yes sir!" He then ran off to give the orders.

The man turned back to Biono\rquote s house. "You won't get away from me again, little boy." He then knelt back down on the rock, and waited for the action to begin.

Back in Biono\rquote s house, Sukki was still in the same spot, but Biono was slowly taking one step at a time to get closer to Sukki... Stay still kid...Don't run away...It won't help you, it never does... Biono was just about to take another step, but right before he got into the sun's glories of light Sukki yelled. "No!" Biono froze. He was shocked in what Sukki said.

"No? What do you mean, kid?" Biono asked Sukki as nice as he could at the moment.

Sukki shook his head, making Biono more confused. "I don't want your help!" Sukki yelled at him, "I'm gonna find a way to get back to Miano! And without your help! That's what I mean!" Biono was about to laugh, but stopped. He knew Sukki would probably get even madder.

"You want to go back to Miano?" Biono said at last, "Don't worry. I'll be happy to help." Sukki shook his head again and stuck out his tongue.

"No! That's what I don't want!" Sukki yelled again... This guy just isn't getting it...What a block head....

Biono started to make his way into the light, but right as he went into the beautiful glow, the windows broke. Both windows broke, the one on the right and the other on the left. Sukki looked surprised when Biono looked at him again, but Biono looked away to one of the windows... What's going on?!... Biono didn't look surprised, he looked pissed. He studied the windows carefully as they started to shatter all over the ground, but the glass wasn't the only thing that fell on the floor. A man in a black suit appeared in front of Sukki. The man also had some goggles on, who knows what for.

"Come with me, kid," the man started to say to Sukki, "If you do this, no one will get hurt."

"No!" Sukki said. Sukki didn't look surprised anymore, but he didn't look sad either. He looked pissed, but not as mad as Biono. Sukki looked even more dangerous then Biono. "I don't know you and I don' t wanta know you! Leave me alone!" The man didn't listen to what Sukki said, and grabbed Sukki's arms.

"Okay kid," the man said, "Lets go." That was the last straw! Sukki quickly pulled his arms away from the man's grip and his hands turned into fists. Right when they became fists, Sukki used them by hitting the man's chin and shot him flying. The man hit the wall very hard and didn't move after that. Sukki started to laugh. He didn't care about anything at that moment, except the knocked out look of the man in black. Biono was a little shocked at first, but didn't care after a minute.

Suddenly, the house was completely surrounded. Sukki wasn't laughing when he saw all the men that were all dressed the same. Sukki then turned to Biono, and gave him a sad sorry look. "Okay, okay..." Sukki said, "I guess I do need your help...So..." Biono put his hand on Sukki's head and rubbed his hand through his nice, messy clean blonde hair.

Don't waste your breath," Biono said with a smile, "I'll help. No matter what. And I mean that, for life." Sukki looked at Biono for a while, but then he smiled at him.

"Thanks." Sukki said, "Thanks a lot."